The Guide to Freelancing in the Modern Gig Economy

Freelancing Masterclass – The Thorough Guide to Profitable Freelancing

What you will learn

Create and build a successful freelance business

Give yourself a raise-every year

Create a benefits package for yourself

Build a career for yourself better than any corporate position

Create long-term economic stability without fear of ever getting fired


Freelancing is the future. Imagine having complete career independence where you set your own pay and work on your own terms. In the modern gig economy everybody either already is or soon could be a freelancer. The only question is, will you create a true freelancing business that supports your financial, professional and personal goals? Or will you slip into a reactive, low-paying, hand-to-mouth freelancing ghetto that many succumb to?

There are as many types of freelancing businesses as there are types of cars. Are you going to settle for the 20 year old jalopy or the brand new Maserati?

This course will teach you how to establish a strong foundation for your freelancing career so that you can continually grow, increase fees, attract better customers and clients, and command respect from all you deal with.

Whether you are an accidental freelancer or one entering the field on purpose, this course will provide you with shortcuts to success. Nothing good happens overnight, but you don’t have to go through a multi-year, trial-and-error process before coming up with a system that works for you and your lifestyle.

Freelancing done poorly can make you end up feeling like an over-tired, stressed, impoverished indentured servant. Freelancing done the right way can give you a lifestyle of creative and professional control coupled with financial freedom.

What are you waiting for?

What will students achieve or be able to do after taking your course?

* Create and build a successful freelancing business

* Give yourself a raise-every year

* Create a benefits package for yourself

* Build a freelancing career for yourself better than any corporate position

* Create long-term economic stability without fear of ever getting fired

This Freelancing course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: Fiverr – freelancing – freelance – Upwork – freelancer – website design – copywriting. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: Fiverr – Upwork – home business – online business.



WE Are All Freelancers in the 21st Century

Rule Number 1 of The Successful Freelancer Club, Never Talk About…
You Now Truly Know What Freelancing Is
The Golden Age of Freelancing is NOW
You Never Know When a Self-Promotional Opportunity Might Pop Up
Crashing the Barriers to Entry
Assignment: Testing Your Communication To Make Sure It Works.
Exciting New Update to this Course
The Pros and Cons of Freelancing
For Better or Worse, Everyone Now Has a Global Reputation
In the Future, We Will All Be Freelancers and For More Than 15 Minutes
Course Update! Live Instructor Office Hours are Now Available
The Freelance Lifestyle Of Your Dreams
You WANT People to Tell You That You Are Too Expensive
Your ONE BIG Revenue Driver
The Best Time to Start a Freelance Business
Yes You CAN Have Full Benefits
The Exact Right Time to Quit Your Day Job
The Psychological Profile Of the Successful Freelancer
You Can Conquer Your Neighborhood, Your City, Your Country or the World
You Are NOT a Home-Based Business You Are A Customer-Based Business
Why Should You Listen to TJ Walker Talk About a Freelance Career
Why you should start a freelancing business

Selecting the Perfect Freelancing Niche for You

Finding Your Ideal Niche In the Freelance World
Finding the Best Markets
Positioning Your World class Expertise
Saving Your Clients Time and Pain Will Bring You Prosperity
Unlocking Secrets of Your Niche By Talking to Your Competitors
Unless You Are Growing Corn You Must Avoid Being a Commodity
Being Number 1 Isn’t Just a Sporting Chant
Finding the Right Evergreen Niche
Avoiding the Discount Bin
Finding What Is Truly Distinctive About You
Meeting the Low-End Market With Inexpensive Products, But Not Your Time
Make Sure You Are Happy To Talk About Your Niche
Specialize Specialize Specialize
Selling Service or Selling Products or Selling Both
Passing the Friends and Family Test
Determining the best niche for you.

Become a True Expert in Your Field

Quickly Becoming a True Expert
Creating a Cycle of Constant Improvement
Get to Know Your Role Model
Follow Your Friendly and Unfriendly Competitors
Master of Opposition Research
The Constant Creative Difference
Building your knowledge base

The World MUST Know Where and How to Find You

Your REAL Job Is NOT What You Think It Is
Yes, Even a One Person Freelance Business Needs a Website
Learn Where Successful Freelancers In Your Field Do Their Marketing
Painting a Picture of Your Ideal Buyer
Advanced Marketing Tip Create Video Proposals for Clients
The Ultimate Marketing Tool for Your Freelance Business Being a Public Speaker
Know Where Your Customers Hang Out and Then Hang Out There Too
Crawl Into the Skin of Your Customer
Getting Other People to Sing Your Praises
Finding the Pond Where Your Customers Go Fishing
Selling to Corporations or Consumers, Making the Right Bet
Pushing the Right Buttons With Your Clients
An Elevator Pitch That Gets You to The Top Floor
The World Is Your Oyster AND Your Client Base
The Boring Database Best Friend
The Ultimate Secret Marketing Tool Extremely Happy Customers Who Can’t Stop
Marketing Choices

Curing Technophobia Once and For All

If You Can Use a Toaster or a Cell Phone, You Are a Technology Expert
Skype Your Way Into Clients’ Hearts
Google Adwords On a Tight, Focused Budget
Simple Talking Head Video To Spread Your Message
SEO Working For You and Not Against You
Your Specific Technology Needs

You Are A Media Company

Become a Content Machine Quickly and Easily
Using Your Content to Spin Gold, Not Just Spin Your Wheels
Writing a Book Won’t Make You Rich And Famous, But It Will Decrease Your Chances
Gaining Expertise Through YouTube and Podcasts
The Lazy Easy Way to Make Content for Your Freelance Business
Creating Content Regularly Forces You to Grow and Improve
YouTube Your Way to Higher fees and Steady Clients
Going From Social Media Time Suck to Social Media Strategy
Blogging Your Way to Higher Paying Clients
Email Newsletters Are Old, Boring AND Effective
Make Money By Teaching Others How To Do What You Do – Online
Here is an Example of a Long Video I Use to Market my Freelance Media Training
Here Is Another Example of Long-form YouTube Video I have used to Generate Leads
Start Your Media Company Today

Getting Paid Want You Want and Deserve

Getting Paid The Nuts and Bolts Of Your Freelance Business
The Nastiest Word In the World Discount
Getting It In Writing If You Really Want to Get Paid
The Price is Right
Make It Really Easy For Your Clients to Pay You
Give Yourself a Pay Raise Every Single Year
Training and Firing Your Clients
Clarifying Your Business Objective

Nobody Will Ever Think of You as a Flake

Avoid Being Seen as a Flake
Your Marketing and Branding Doesn’t Stop Once the Customer Has Hired You
Why a Business Card Isn’t Just for Old Fogeys
Being Professional And Avoiding the Flake Label
Here Is How You Look the Part
Saving What Your Clients Value More Than Even Money Their Time
Communicate the Way Your Customers Want to Communicate Not How You Like to
Creating a Workflow for Yourself and Your Clients

Mastering the Blank Calendar

Secrets To Filling An Empty Calendar

These Nuts and Bolts Will Make You Sink or Swim

Accountants and Bookkeepers Will Save You Money
Count Every Single Penny In and Out of Your Business
Financial Advisers For a Strong Foundation
The Most Successful Freelancers Use Freelancers
The Biggest Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Conclusion – Your Path to Success

Time to Give TJ a Piece of Your Mind
Conclusion – Your Future Career as a Successful Freelancer
Final Bonus Lecture re Future Courses and Learning Opportunities

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