The basic first aid training

This course aim in providing first aid training on snakebites, burns, stings, cardiovascular and bone fracture

What you will learn

Determine the causes of the basic accidents

Determine the appropriate first Aid kit for each and every scenario

Determine the correct steps for provision of the First Aid

Determining the preventive measures for each and every Basic First aid


Basic first aid training course aims to teach individual how to respond to medical emergencies and provide basic life saving techniques until the professional help arrives. It includes the understanding the basic of human anatomy and physiology which will be shown by animation. Developing the skills on how to control bleeding, treating and performing CPR.

Despite these challenges, there are efforts being made to improve access to first aid in Africa. Organizations such as the African First Aid Network work to improve first aid education and training in Africa, while the World Health Organization and other international organizations provide support and resources to help improve safety and emergency medical services in African countries.

Accidents in Africa can have severe consequences due to a lack of access to proper first aid. In many African countries, there is a shortage of trained first responders, medical facilities, and emergency medical equipment. This can lead to a delay in receiving proper care and treatment, which can result in serious injury or death.


By using the “basic first aid training course” an individual will be able to perform first aid to a victim because it will focus on how to do rather than what to do. The project targets the form two students of Tanzanian.

Basic first aid training course will contain animated video that shows the clearly demonstrations steps in performing aid to the victim.


Introduction video

First aid for victims with breathing problems

Introduction to cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Common scenario for breathing problems attack
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation first aid kit
The do and do not actions
Steps for provision of first aid to victims with breathing problems
Prevention measures for breathing attacks

First Aid for snake bites

Introduction to snake and snakebites
Identification of poisonous snakes
Common snake bites scenario
Snakebites first aid kit
Steps in provision of first aid to a snake bite victim
Prevention measures for snake bites

First Aid for stings

Introduction to Stings
Identification of stinging insects
Common scenario for stings
First aid kit for stings first aid
Steps for provision of stings first aid
Preventive measures for stings

First aid for burns

Introduction to burns
Common scenario for burning accidents
First aid kit for burns
Steps for provision of first aid to burns
Preventive measures for Burns

First aid for bone fracture

Introduction to bone fracture
Common bone fracture scenario
Do and don’ts
Steps for provision of first aid for bone fractures
Preventive measures for bone fracture


All basic first aid steps provided.

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