Natural Medicine

Applied prophetic medicine course

What you will learn   Learn why is medical research important and know the levels of scientific evidence تعرف على أهمية الأبحاث الطبية ومعرفة مستويات الأدلة العلمية   Adopt a better lifestyle by knowing the healthy habits found in prophetic medicine تبني أسلوب حياة أفضل من خلال معرفة واتباع العادات الصحية الموجودة في الطب النبوي …

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Treat Blood Pressure Naturally | Know more than your Doctor!

Fix your Blood Pressure by learning from an Actual Doctor who treats People DAILY!! What you will learn   Natural Remedies and Supplements NOT prescribed by your Doctor   How to Treat High Blood Pressure at Home!   Understand Causes of High Blood Pressure   Learn the Physiology Associated with BP   Medication and their …

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