Linux Beginner Commands

Start using Linux Terminal What you will learn How to use Linux terminal Navigate the File system Find files Change permissions Work with Archives Description This course teaches you the Linux command line. You will learn how to use the terminal, create and delete files, navigate directories and files and perform a variety of other …

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Ubuntu Linux Desktop Basics

Learn How to install Ubuntu on a virtual machine or directly on your computer and start performing common tasks What you will learn Learning Ubuntu Linux Server Basics and Learn how to install Ubuntu on a virtual machine or directly on your computer and start performing common tasks: working with files, listening to music, editing …

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Learn Ethical Hacking Using Kali Linux Red Team Tactics

Learn Ethical Hacking and Start your Career in Cyber Security What you will learn What is Cyber Security ? Kali Linux Command Line (CLI) Wireshark Passive Information Gathering Techniques Scanning with Nmap The Metasploit Framework Essentials Active Directory Attacks Basic Linux Commands Netcat (nc) Essentials Bash Scripting (Shell Scripting) Active Information Gathering Techniques Web Application …

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Linux Command Line

Master the Command Line What you will learn Linux Basics Navigate File System How to use Operators How to use Pipes Description The Linux command line is not so simple. It has a steep learning curve. And I hope to help you avoid that by giving you the power of Linux by pressing a few …

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Learn Linux Daily!

Learn everyday Linux with just one bite at a time! What you will learn Learn everyday Linux commands from the scratch! Operate a Linux computer entirely from the command line! Complete understanding of Linux and fill in any existing knowledge gaps! You will comprehend the principles of the Linux operating system by the end of …

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Cyber Security: Intermediate Linux Commands

Beyond the basics What you will learn Review of Linux Commands What is and how to Hash How encoding/decoding works How to secure sensitive data How to crack GPG files Description This course covers useful Linux commands for Cyber Security for beginners to intermediate users. Some commands are included for more advanced users, but all …

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Quickstart Raspberry Pi

Learn to get started with Raspberry Pi and Linux What you will learn Introduction to Raspberry Pi 4 Setup Raspberry Pi Operating System Interface Raspberry Pi with various displays and power backup shields Turn your Raspberry Pi 4 into a tablet Linux Command line basics Installation of software Remote access to the command line and …

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Linux Terminal for beginners

Learn Linux and Supercharge Your IT Career What you will learn Use the Linux Command Line Control the Linux File System Manipulate Data from the Shell Control Processes Control System Users Install Software from the Terminal Connect to the Internet A few tricks Description Linux is the fastest growing operating system in the world, it is …

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ACE the Linux Administrator Interview : Most Asked Q&A

The BEST Linux Administration course that prepares you for corporate jobs What you will learn Master all important Linux interview questions Become a professional Linux Sysadmin and get hired 50 most asked Linux interview questions along with answers and explanations Last minute cheat code to crack your Linux Admin Interview Description Linux is the number …

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