Storybook Official Tutorial Code Along – Web Development

Modern 2024 Industry Web Development: Javascript Interview Skills + React and Redux Crash Course

What you will learn

Master Storybook: Build stunning UIs, write robust tests, & impress recruiters with this in-demand skill.

Go Code-Along Hero: Build a portfolio project & conquer advanced concepts like asyncThunk & Playwright!

Deploy & Automate: Master GitHub, Chromatic, & push-triggered workflows for seamless development.

Land Your Dream Job: Become an industry-ready UI developer with Storybook – the key to career success.


Are you ready to take your Web Development to the next level? Look no further! In this comprehensive and in-depth Udemy course, you will embark on an immersive journey through the Storybook official documentation, equipping yourself with the knowledge and expertise to excel as a front end Javascript developer.

Master Frontend Web Development with Storybook: Zero to Hero – Code Along

Master the in-demand skill that sets top developers apart and transforms your workflow. This comprehensive, code-along course is your passport to UI development mastery with Storybook – the industry gold standard.

Why Storybook?

  • Used by thousands of top companies:  Over 30,000 projects use Storybook. It powers frontend development for teams at Airbnb, Lyft, Slack, Twitter, NASA and thousands of more companies. It’s used to build top design systems like Shopify Polaris, IBM Carbon, Salesforce Lightning, and the WordPress Gutenberg project.
  • Highly sought-after skill: Companies crave developers who can build and test beautiful, consistent UIs with Storybook. This course unlocks what high-paying job opportunities as frontend developers look for when it comes to mastering key testing and team frameworks.
  • Supercharge your development: Say goodbye to slow iteration cycles and inconsistent UIs. Storybook boosts efficiency, simplifies collaboration, and ensures pixel-perfect designs.

What makes this course different?

  • Official Storybook Tutorial + Hands-On Code-Alongs: We dive deep with the official tutorial, then take you step-by-step through real-world projects, building confidence and practical skills.
  • Go beyond the basics: We cover advanced concepts like Composite components, argTypes, mockData, service workers, asyncThunk, Playwright automations, fetches, and WCAG best practices.
  • Master React & Redux (Crash Courses Included): Get up to speed with these essential companion technologies to power your Storybook skills.
  • Build a quality portfolio project: Showcase your mastery with a fully-functional application built from scratch using the official Taskbox example as a foundation. We’ll add exciting augmented features to make it truly shine.
  • Deployment & Automation mastery: Learn to confidently deploy your projects and automate tasks with GitHub,Chromatic, and Git push-triggered automation.
  • Testing that covers every corner: Write comprehensive tests for accessibility, functionality, and performance,ensuring rock-solid applications.

The Curriculum:


  1. Storybook Foundations: Dive into the core concepts, setting up your environment, and writing your first stories.
  2. React Crash Course: Get comfortable with React, the foundation of Storybook development.
  3. Redux Crash Course: Understand state management with Redux, a powerful partner for Storybook.
  4. Building Components with Storybook: Master component creation, composition, and testing, including accessibility best practices.
  5. Advanced Techniques: Explore mockData, argTypes, service workers, asyncThunk, and Playwright automations.
  6. Taskbox Mastery: Build the official Taskbox example from scratch, adding exciting new features.
  7. Deployment & Automation: Learn to deploy to production with GitHub, Chromatic, and automated workflows.
  8. Testing Strategies: Write unit, integration, and accessibility tests for bulletproof applications.
  9. Portfolio Project: Build a stunning application to showcase your skills and land your dream job.

By the end of this course, you’ll be:

  • A confident Storybook developer: Build beautiful, consistent UIs with unparalleled efficiency.
  • Industry-ready: Impress recruiters for high-paying UI development jobs.
  • A workflow master: Boost your productivity and collaborate seamlessly with designers and developers.
  • A creative force: Build stunning, pixel-perfect applications with cutting-edge features.

Don’t just build UIs, master them. Enroll today and unlock your future as a top-tier UI developer!

Bonus: Additional resources, downloadable code samples, and a supportive community forum are included to accelerate your learning journey.

Invest in your skills, invest in your future. Enroll now and let Storybook take your career to the next level!

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What is Storybook – A Key Level Overview

What is Storybook and why should we care
Which Leading Engineer Teams are using Storybook
The Problem with modern large scale Web Apps
How Storybook improves applications with the isolation of UI development
How storybook works with components
Thesis – Storybook saves valuable time and resources for projects
Summary and brief overview of this section – Storybook Utility

React Crash Course for Beginners – What is React and How To Builds Apps with

Code Solution
Important note on the upcoming sections
What is the DOM and what is the React Virtual DOM – React Fundamentals
How to start building a react app with CRA
CRA – React Files and Dependencies – Overview
How to connect the Root of React to the DOM and Rendering React Application
Running A Local Development Server of React
What are functional components in React
Quick Observation on Echma Standards with React
The React Component Tree And Composite Components
How Props work in React
Exercise – Build A React Component
What are hooks in React
Input Dynamic tests and events with React
Event Handling Practice and Section Summary

Build A Storybook Example From Scratch With React – Junior Level

Installing and setting up Storybook into your Project Application from Scratch
Overview of How Storybook is Configured with Web App Projects
How to build a component in React with Storybook – visual breakdown
Build A Basic Sub Component In React
How to build a story for react components from scratch
How to use args in Storybook for multiple dynamic component stories
How to use argTypes and controls in storybook to create user friendly stories
Automating Documentation for Web Components with Storybook
Customizing Docs and values with Storybook
Adding Component Complexity for Storybook Arguments
CSS Techniques and Storybook rendering
What are actions in Storybook and the Synthetic Base Event Object
Hooking Up Live React Components to Storybook and Rendering Fundamentals
Creating Stories with mock state and events in Storybook
Testing Interactions and Events with React Components in Storybook
Final Code Solution

Storybook – Advanced Tutorial Code Along

How to set up Storybook with React
How to build a component with Storybook – CDD Methodology
Configurations for Storybook and Storybook Local Server
PropTypes and CSS formatting with Storybook and React
Using WCAG Accessibility to Catch Errors in Storybook Addon
Building a Composite Component in React for Storybook
Building Out Robust Components with Storybook

Connecting External Data with Storybook – Redux

Mini Crash Course on Redux Toolkit – Setting up the Store
Dispatching Actions and Selectors for State with Redux in Components For React
Creating a Mock Redux Store for Stories in Storybook
Connecting Mock External Data into Stories with Storybook for Components

Building Higher Level Components with Storybook – Redux and React Example

Starter Code
Summary of Redux Code And Mock Data From Previous Section
Fetching Remote API Data with Storage
Fetching Data with Component Mounting in React and Error Handling
Building A Screen Component And Wrapping React Around Redux
Using Service Workers in Storybook to Build Stories with API Requests
Feature Updates with Complex Component Pages and Screens in Storybook
Automating Tests with Interactions in Storybook
Storybook Playwright Automations for Testing

Deploying Storybook to Github with Chromatic and Automations

Quick Summary So Far and Upcoming Notice for this Section
Starter Code
How to deploy Storybook to Github and Chromatic
Automating Deployments to Storybook with CI Actions and Rebasing Merges
Visual Testing with Regression in Components using Storybook
Conclusion and Congratulations!!
Taskbox Final Solution Code

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