Process Builders in Salesforce – Zero to Hero

Learn how Process Builders help you automate pretty much everything in Salesforce

What You Will Learn

Configure Process Builders

Use Immediate Actions to automate almost everything

Use Scheduled Actions to defer something for the future

Understand the Considerations & Limitations of Process Builders


  • If you know a bit about Salesforce, that would be great to start Process Builders


I have created this small course on Process Builders so that you know how it works before it retires, haha.
Jokes aside, this will help you understand automation and also help you gear up for Flow Builder and any other automation tool Salesforce provides. Feel free to check my Youtube channel to access all my videos covering everything that is Salesforce.
Channel Name: Salesforce Makes Sense

In essence, Salesforce Process Builder is an automated tool that enables you to manage the sequence of events or assess the requirements for a record.

It is connected to eight different actions:

Making Records: By using this, you can make a new record and add various field values to it.

Records that are somehow connected to the record that initiated the process can be updated, as can one or more other associated records.

Either manually inputting the records or using the records from a linked record can be used to do this.

Posting on Chatter: Process Builder in Salesforce enables you to share any information with any user by posting on Chatter.


Quick Action: You can utilise quick action to use global actions or objects that you already have in Salesforce in any record.

Launching or Triggering the Flow: To automate various procedures, you can launch the flow from your process.

Automatic Record Submission for Approval: You have the option of submitting the record that kicked off your procedure. Other records cannot be submitted automatically.

Apex code calling or trigger: You can use Apex code that you’ve already created in Salesforce.

Another Process Invoked: This action will actually start another process.

Three different methods for automation in Salesforce are supported by Process Builder. These categorizations establish what will initiate the process:

When a record is changed or created, a change in that record begins.

Every time an event message is received, an event process begins.

When another process invokes it, an invocable process begins.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to gear up for Flow Builder
  • Anyone who wants to understand automation through Process Builders
  • Anyone who wants to understand differences between Workflows & Process Builders
  • Anyone who wants to schedule actions or trigger immediate automations

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