Statistics skills with Excel for Data Analysis

Reach unique and effective Statistical skills with excel as a futur data analyst

What you will learn

Manipulate large amount of data with descriptive statistics

Reach unique data analytics skills

know how to do interpretation for statistical values

know how to do interpretation for Lonrenz Curve and Gini index


This course is designed to be an effective easy guide to those who passionate it to persue a career as a data analyst, you will learn not only the quantitative statistical method to but you will learn the why of things and know how to interpret the data linguistically and statistical values and concepts.

learn the most valuable concepts and unique one that a lot of people in the field of data analysis ignore it or don’t wanna share it, so you will discovre it with me in this course like lorenz curve and gini index that curve which is crucial in interpretating the situation of the data.

you will learn by following the content of the video and then apply it yourself in parallel to that, and i uploaded the file so you can see if you make some mistake along the way I guarantee you will find this course the most profitable and time saving as well as an opening to the next course where i’m gonna teach sql and r programming language for another statistical concepts confidence intervals, testing hypothesis, and probability theory based on as a said before easy effective way to manipulate the data, as well as google certification in data analytics preparation this is my promise for you to shine quickly and effectively as possible.



Organize the data in the table


growing cumulative ECC


Frequency cumulative


the center of class



calculating the mean


calculating the mode


calculating the median

Quartile 25

Calculating the quartile 25

Quartile 75

Calculating the quartile 75




calculating the variance

standard deviation

calculating the square root

Organize the whole statistical values

statistical values and interpretation of it

Lorenz curve and gini index

in the case of highly concentrated statistical values

Lorenz curve and Gini Index

in the case of highly dispersed statistical value

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