Sports Motion Analysis with ChalkTalk Studio

analyzing baseball, softball, and golf video

What you will learn

insights into motion by the deep study of video frames

the ability to compare your mechanics to the professionals

an understanding of the optimal kinetic chain of sports motion

how to use each button of the ChalkTalk Studio telestrator

how to record and share markup analysis


In every sport professional athletes have developed or been taught the optimal kinetic chain that leads to speed, power and consistency. When they practice, they commit these mechanics to their muscle memory. Amateur athletes are also ingraining their practice motions but for most, their movements are not optimal. In both cases, these movements become the athlete’s instincts. For better or for worse – practice makes permanent.

Your mechanics set the ceiling on your sports success. Modern research has shown and books like The Talent Code have elaborated on the importance of installing pro mechanics early in athletic endeavors. Studying, understanding and modeling pro mechanics is quite simply one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of any aspiring athlete.

This course teaches the installation and use of the ChalkTalk Studio (CTS). CTS is a PC/Mac telestrator app that lets you analyze videos in slow-stop-motion while you add voiceover and markup. CTS is used by pro teams and by Universities to each exercise science. You can analyze a single video or two videos side-by-side. Compare your mechanics to a pro. Compare your swing today with your swing yesterday. To utilized the system you simply need to create a free cloud account, upload videos from your phone and install the software on your computer.

Mobile apps for iPhone and Android are provided for easy upload of videos into your video locker. From there, you can use the CTS to view them in stop action, slow motion and spit-screen. The system has been used for over a decade to analyze and improve baseball (hitting and pitching), softball, golf, physical therapy, pole vaulting, track and field, swimming and more.




Pro Mechanics

Cloud Locker

Cloud Locker and Telestrator
My Videos (Your cloud locker)
Uploading Videos
Locker Demo

ChalkTalk Studio (The Telestrator)

Video Analysis and Annotation


Bones Overlay
Bone Data
Bones – Trace and Track

Text Overlays

Free Text
Pre-Set Text
Launch Angles

Snapshots and Recording

Recording Your Analysis

Wrap Up

Thank You

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