SMM MARKETING Instagram. How to Start Freelance work.

This course will teach you how to work with business pages on Instagram, find potential clients, and increase sales.

What you will learn

Social Media Marketing career and experience

Monetize Business Instagram accounts

Find potential customers on Instagram

Find potential clients on Instagram

This course involve documents, files, guides, apps which will help you to succeed

This course will provide you a templates which you can use in the future. Including Advertising strategy, Content plan, Competitor Analysis, General questions

How to create portfolio

Work with commercial accounts


Work as a freelancer

Start to make money online


What is Instagram for Business?

Instagram is a digital platform that is growing every day. New users and businesses are coming to this Social Media. We should take advantage of that! Instagram for business is basically the same account but with different features and new opportunities. It is mainly used to increase sales and make money! In this course, we will talk about how to promote your or someone’s business on Instagram.

Why should you choose this course?

● You want to work as a freelancer

● You want to make an extra income

● You want to work as a part-time

● You want to work directly from your phone or laptop

What’s in the course?

● Learn how to make money as a freelancer

● Learn about new sources of income

● Learn how to create an attractive Business Instagram profile

● Learn how to promote your account without a budget

● Learn free advertising methods

● Learn how to create an effective Instagram name and bio

● Learn how to find and analyze your target audience

● Learn how to find and analyze your competitors

● Learn how to find and work with clients

● Learn how to make sales in a commercial account

● Learn how to create a portfolio

● Learn how to write eye-catching captions

After this course, you will be able to:

● Grow businesses using social media

● Find new clients

● Make sales

● Meet new people and big companies

● Have your portfolio



Instagram Account
Username, Bio, Highlights
Instagram Captions
Brand Strategy
Interactive Instagram Captions
Stories – Interactive Games
Tutorial: How To Create Highlights Using Canva
Highlights Ideas
Checklist: Daily Checklist For Instagram
Assignment 1
Target Audience
Target Audience Introduction
Target Audience Research
Target Audience Resources
Target Audience Table
Assignment 2
Competitor Analysis
Competitor Analysis Introduction
Where to find your competitors?
Competitor Analysis Table
Competitor Analysis Table Excel
Assignment 3
Advertising Goals
Paid Advertising Methods
Free Advertising Methods
Advertising Strategy
Assignment 4
Clients and where to find them
DM Example
Website and Canva Examples
Commercial Offer
General Questions
Assignment 5
How to make sales
Introduction to Sales
Sales Funnel And Stages
Boost Your Sales
Communication With Clients
Top 5 mistakes
Books To Read
Thank you!

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