Sales management – streams, frameworks and processes

Learn how to train, develop and improve your sales team with this sales management masterclass

What you will learn

A guide to understanding the power of the SMART framework

Spot goal-setting opportunities to include in your daily management

Goal setting that drive success

Goals that provide clarity and a sense of achievement


Welcome to this course on sales management, where you will gain the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic and competitive world of sales. This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the strategies, techniques, and leadership abilities required to effectively manage a high-performing sales team and drive exceptional results.

In today’s business landscape, successful sales management plays a pivotal role in achieving organizational growth and revenue targets. As a sales manager, you are responsible for motivating, guiding, and empowering your team members to reach their full potential, while also implementing effective sales strategies, analyzing market trends, and fostering strong customer relationships.

Throughout this course, you will delve into various aspects of sales management. You will explore topics such as sales planning and forecasting, territory management, performance measurement, recruitment and much more. We will also dive into the emerging trends and technologies shaping the sales landscape, including the integration of digital tools and data analytics into the sales process.

Whether you are a seasoned sales professional looking to transition into a management role or an aspiring sales manager aiming to accelerate your career, this course will provide you with the tools and strategies to drive sales excellence, foster strong customer relationships, and achieve sustainable business growth.

By the end of this course, you will have the confidence and expertise to lead a high-performing sales team, optimize sales processes, and navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise in the ever-evolving sales landscape. Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey towards becoming a successful sales manager? Let’s dive in and unlock your full potential in sales management!



Understanding the SMART framework

Definition of SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound
The importance of setting goals using the SMART framework
Benefits of using SMART goals in personal and professional contexts
Specific: defining clear and concise goals
Measurable: establishing criteria to measure progress and success
Attainable: Ensuring goals are realistic and achievable
Relevant: aligning goals with your overall objectives and values
Time-bound: setting a deadline or timeline for goal completion


The BANT framework
Objectives, goals, strategies and measures
The sales funnel
The sales pipeline
The customer journey
Sales funnel vs sales pipeline

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