Recording & Mixing Studio-Quality Vocals From Home In 1 Day

Easy to follow step-by-step guide to record and mix studio-quality vocals from home (without any expensive gear)

What you will learn

Record your vocals step-by-step without the need of expensive microphones or acoustic treatment

Use pitch correction to make your voice sound great without the dreaded “auto-tuned” sound

Layering techniques to create a full, rich sound that you hear in many popular songs

Apply our simple vocal mixing template to achieve a professional sound.

Creative effects and advanced tricks to take your vocals to the next level

No more wasting money on engineers or comparing yourself with the pros and feeling like crap

Never waste money on recording studios again as you’ll know the techniques to achieve the same professional quality from home

No more frustrating endless takes that lead to abandoned songs and a hoarse voice

Master these skills once and for all so you’re set for life


Are you a singer-songwriter, music producer, or artist struggling to achieve professional-quality vocal recordings?

Unlike most tutorials that overcomplicate things and overwhelm you with information, I’ll show you my step-by-step, easy to follow process for recording, producing, and mixing vocals which you can apply directly to your songs.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or already have experience, this is the fastest way to get results for professional sounding vocals. You don’t need any fancy gear, just a computer, DAW, and decent microphone.

Take full control of your music and become self reliant. Once you learn these skills, you’ll never have to spend money on recording studios or engineers again.

What You Will Learn in This Course:

1. Understand what gear you need and don’t need.

2. Recording techniques and mic placement for the best natural results.

3. The ideal number of takes you should record.

4. Combining the best parts into one cohesive track.

5. Pitch correction and tuning to sound amazing.

6. Adding layers to create a full sound like your favorite artists.


7. Vocal mixing plugins you can easily apply for a professional sound.

8. Reverb and delay to create more space and depth.

9. Creative effects and tricks to spice things up.

10. A vocal template you can forever use to 10x your workflow.

Course Structure:

Rather than bore you with a ton of info, you’ll dive right into a hands-on learning experience from the very first video.

I’ll guide you through the basic equipment you need, understanding microphone setup and placement, the right computer settings to avoid any setbacks, and recording takes the easy way for optimal results.

From there you’ll learn how to combine the best takes into a perfect, yet natural sounding lead vocal track as well as delve into advanced strategies like layering, harmonies, reverbs, delays, and other creative effects (which is a common practice among many of the most popular artists).

As we progress, you’ll utilize essential tools for vocal mixing to craft professional-grade vocal mixes in any contemporary genre.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a workflow and template you can use for the rest of your life which will you save you tons of time, hassle, and money. You’ll never have to fumble around tutorials or struggle with recording and mixing vocals ever again.

See you in class!

Vocal Production Mastery

Mic Placement & Recording
Comping The Best Performance
Pitch Correction & Tuning
Adding Layers to Enhance Your Voice

Pro Vocal Mixing

Essential Vocal Mixing Chain
Reverb, Delay, Creative FX

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