Leadership 101

This course will give you the tools to become an influential and confident leader!

What you will learn

Develop the essential characteristics and qualities of an effective leader

Optimize your teamwork abilities

Create a positive and encouraging team environment

Maximize your performance, and the performance of your team

What it takes to lead with confidence

Providing effective feedback


This immersive course will help you develop the most important leadership qualities and characteristics which will help you stand out from the pack and gain a mindset for success!

It is the perfect course if you want to prepare for a leadership role, optimize your current leadership abilities, or develop into a stand-out team member!

This course will help you:

  • Lead With Confidence
  • Become an Influential Member of Your Team
  • Develop A Winning Mindset

Sometimes leadership roles are given to you when you’re not quite prepared, or the thought of leadership is intimidating and overwhelming. Even worse, you could be held back from getting promoted because you’ve been told “you need to develop your leadership skills” but aren’t given any guidance on how to do that. This can be incredibly frustrating! Trust me, I’ve been there myself. I never imagined I would be a senior leader for a highly specialized wildland firefighting division that rappelled out of helicopters and fought the most remote fires in the world. I have learned so many leadership lessons the hard way during my elite wildland firefighting career and am happy to pass those lessons learned along the way!


A decade of mentoring new and experienced wildfire crew members into leadership positions helped me realize something that we should all know. Everyone has leadership potential in them. Now this may not be news to everyone, but even people who know they have the potential are given no encouragement or they get inside their own head because of bad advice. There are many misconceptions about leadership out there, and so many confusing theories that make it seem much more complicated than it is. I found it important to give you the information in a plain and simple format to get you results faster!

This course will help you develop as a leader and give you the leadership mindset. You will be introduced to the most important leadership skills and characteristics which will take away the guesswork and reinforce the good qualities you already have.

Sign up now and take the next step in your leadership development!


Instructor Introduction

Course Introduction and Outline



Being Personable
Being Open Minded
Being Encouraging
Being Respectful
Accepting Criticism And Feedback
Teamwork Self Assessment

Work And Performance

Managing Expectations
Problem Solving
Work Ethic
Taking Initiative
Work And Performance Self Assessment

Team Culture

Fitting In
Team History
Role Adaptability
Team Culture Self Assessment

Personality Traits And Characteristics

Humour And Fun
Personality Self Assessment

Final Self Assessment

Self Assessment Walk Through

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