Quantum Mantra Level 1

Amplify the Power of Your Mantras Beyond A Single Voice Discover Your True Potential For Your Voice To Change The World

What you will learn

The power of the spoken word, why mantras are beneficial for your own journey

Go beyond one voice, and go beyond chanting 108 repetitions

Become efficient with your mantra power. Be proficient in using mantras as quantum medicine.

Become a leading healer, and create a world of conscious medicine and a 5th dimensional planet.


Amplify the power of your mantras. In this course I teach you , to take affirmations and sacred chants to a whole new level.

As defined by Wikipedia :  a mantra “is a sacred utterance, a numinous sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or group of words in Sanskrit, Pali and other languages believed by practitioners to have religious, magical or spiritual powers”  In my own personal practice, these powers have the ability to hack the human consciousness, and stimulate ( or create), healing and altered states of mind. But it is a practice that takes a tremendous amount of concentration, and could take hours to traditionally reach these states.

Where one day it used to take hours, to complete thousands of chants, after this course it will only take minutes to chant over a thousand times! Normally a mantra takes 108 repetitions to generate the mystic qualities (energy) behind the mantra, now it is available to achieve the same weight and density of the 108 chants with less than 10 chants, with QUANTUM MANTRA!

This technique can be used with any mantra, whether they are self-empowering affirmations, ancient Vedic texts, or Buddhist teachings.

With this knowledge you who join this course will be able to influence peace upon the globe, bring harmony to your environment, accelerate your personal growth, and discover new dimensions about yourself, you never knew.




Lesson 1: What can you expect, and what you need to succeed
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Lesson 2: What Quantum Mantra is. And the first teachings.
What is Quantum Mantra?
Lesson 3: Accessing the Power of the Sound in All Your Chakras
Lesson 4: Phase 2!
Lesson 5: How to be effective with the technique.
Lesson 6: Complete Phase 2
Congratulations you know Quantum Mantra Level 1
Activation of the sound power in all the chakras.
Practical application.
Lesson 7: Now we practice.
Ganesh Mantra
Gayatri Mantra
Vajra Guru Mantra.
The I Am Discourses: Saint Germain
Congratulations you’ve completed the course!
Thank you so much, for taking this course !

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