Overcoming Complex PTSD – CPTSD

A guide to recovering from CPTSD with effective coping strategies

What you will learn

Learn 12 strategies to cope and manage CPTSD

Create an emergency coping plan

Get a better understanding of Complex PTSD

First aid healing strategies for complex PTSD


Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD) is a mental health condition that develops in response to trauma. It is similar to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but involves different factors, such as the type of trauma that causes it.

The symptoms of PTSD and C-PTSD overlap in many ways, but some symptoms exist with C-PTSD that are not commonly seen with PTSD, such as detachment and difficulty maintaining relationships.

This course describes a multimodal treatment approach to Complex PTSD. It is oriented toward the most prevalent kind of CPTSD, the kind that comes from growing up in a severely abusive and/or neglectful family. In this vein, the course describes healing the damage that occurs when you suffer traumatizing abuse and abandonment. Traumatizing abuse and abandonment can occur on verbal, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. Moreover, sexual abuse is especially traumatizing.

In this course, you will learn various techniques to recover and heal at emotional & spiritual levels. This course acts as a self-help guide for people dealing with CPTSD along with their medications. This course is not a substitute for professional help.

You can take this course if you are a budding counsellor, psychology student or even a parent who wants to understand and help someone who is dealing with CPTSD.

This course is created by Vyas Psychology Training Centre




What is Complex PTSD?
How CPTSD Originates

CPTSD coping strategies

Intro to coping with CPTSD
Introduction to cognitive healing
Minimizing inner critic
Minimizing outer critic
Introduction to emotional healing
Verbal ventilation
Self-mothering, self-fathering and affirmations
Finding the silver linings
Somatic healing
The journey of recovery
Practical aspects of healing

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