Python Bootcamp In a day+Python Programming for Beginners

Learn Python in a day using the Replit IDE and work with data types such as Python string , Python list Python with+more

What you will learn

You will become a Master of Python Programming fundamentals

You will Learn how to install Python to get up and running in no time

You will learn how to process data to create Olympics Medals Tables in a less than a day

A massive boost in confidence applying as a Python Programmer for developer jobs

How to solve multiple specific problems for a customer in the real world

A complete overview of the basics with exercises to test your knowledge of storing, processing & storing information, working with files and much more…

How to be fluent in writing python code and work with all the fundamentals of the language such as a list, string, function, dictionary, array, set & much more

How to use Python’s data analysis capabilities to analyse data from a real world data source

You will be able to take this course with no prior knowledge and run the steps flawlessly


Three reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now!

The unique reasons for taking this course are:

  1. Complete, Concise, Confident Overview of Python Programming  especially if preparing for a Python job, certification exam or you just need a refresher – You will be confident that you have a complete overview of Python fundamentals, because I teach all the basics accurately.
  2. Gain confidence and get your Python Programming Certificate  – I teach you everything you need to know to gain confidence then award you a certificate of completion without going into a class room or spending 1000s of Dollars. I also give you a foundation you can use for an accredited Python certification.
  3. You get to ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoughtfully!

Includes Narration from Randal Schaffer

What is Python ?

Python is one of the most popular computer programming languages of our time and  one of the most sought after skills for Software Engineering jobs. Created by Guido van Rossum in the late 1980s, it was designed to be very easy for us humans to understand.

It’s most popular uses are to create the engine which drives a website (also called the ‘back end’), and for analysing and showing information (data analysis and presentation). Other popular uses are machine learning (artificial intelligence), education, and processing of images.

Who should take is course? 

Whether you are a software engineer, software developer, computer programmer , web developer, transitioning into a new role or simply someone who wants to understand what makes Python tick, this is the place to start.  If you are preparing for a Python certification or job role, this class is for you.

What will I learn?

In this class you will learn:

  • Concise overview of Python Programming – The exact skills and principles you need  to deliver a project using Python along with the tools you can use to create solid Python code.
  • The fundamentals of Python used in Industry – The language constructs , tools and terminology to use as a Python programmer are essential to mastering it.  We teach you to use Repl . it a popular online IDE to get you up to speed FAST no matter which computer or operating sytem you are using.
  • Python Certification – To get certified I teach you the foundation of Python along with exercises to test your knowledge. You will collect a Python Programming Certificate once you have understood these points and completed the course. You will also have an excellent foundation for an accredited Python Programming certification.

What are the pre-requisites?

  •                                                               This course is video based with no supporting document necessary.  I go through the fundamentals of Python and teach you how to use it with a simple tool so you can master the fundamentals in a day.

How is the course structured?

Each section features an overview of a particular aspect of Python such as  What is Python ,  Getting set up , Storing information storing,

processing and storing information, tidying messy data, working with files, handling errors, presenting information and much more. I teach you how to be fluent in writing python code and work with all the fundamentals of the language such as a list, string, function, dictionary, array, set and much more

I give you exercises to test your knowledge and get you ready to program Python in under a day.

Inspired by God, the Bible, my mother and the founder of Python




Welcome to Python Programming for Beginners+Python Bootcamp In a day training
Learning Objectives – Introduction
What is Python?
The Example

Getting Set Up

Learning Objectives – Getting Set Up
What is Replit
How to Get Started with Replit
Create Your Account
Writing Your First Python Program – Hello World
How to Work with Exercises
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Running Python Scripts
Alternatives to Replit

Storing Information

Learning Objectives – Storing Information
Objects and Variables
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Objects and Variables
Variable Names
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Variable Names
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Numbers
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Strings
Showing Output When Running Python

Processing Information

Learning Objectives – Processing Information
Processing Information
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Processing Information
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Indexing
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Slices
String Functions
Commonly Used String Methods
[Interactive Coding Exercise] String Functions
The ‘input’ Function
[Interactive Coding Exercise] The ‘input’ Function
More String Operations
[Interactive Coding Exercise] More String Operations
Converting Between Different Types
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Strip ()
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Split ()
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Converting Between Different Types
Mathematical Operations and Precedence Order
Short Hand (in place) Operations
Mathematical Functions
Getting Help

Comparing Information

Learning Objectives – Comparing Information
Comparing Information
Comparing Information
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Comparing Information

Tidying Messy Data

Learning Objectives – Tidying Messy Data
Tidying Messy Data
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Tidying Messy Data
Nested If Blocks

Storing Multiple Things

Learning Objectives – Storing Multiple Things
Larger Pieces Of Code
Storing Multiple Things
Introducing Python Lists
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Introducing Python Lists
Adding Items to a List
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Adding Items To A List
Indexing and Slicing Lists
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Indexing And Slicing Lists
Deleting Items in a List
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Deleting Items In A List
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Tuples
Long Lines in Python
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Dictionaries
List Functions – More Ways to Work With Lists
[Interactive Coding Exercise] List Functions – More Ways To Work With Lists
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Sets

Processing Collections

Learning Objectives – Processing Collections
A Simple ‘for’ Loop
[Interactive Coding Exercise] A Simple ‘for’ Loop
More Complex ‘for’ loops – ‘break’, ‘continue’ and ‘else’
[Interactive Coding Exercise] ‘break’, ‘continue’ and ‘else’
The ‘range’ Function – How to Create a List of Numbers
[Interactive Coding Exercise]The ‘range’ function
The ‘while’ Loop – Do Something For a While
[Interactive Coding Exercise]The ‘while’ loop – Do Something For A While

Robust Programs – Handling Errors

Learning Objectives – Robust Programs – Handling Errors
Robust Programs – Handling Errors
Look Before You Leap
[Interactive Coding Exercise]Look Before You Leap
The Try and Except Block
[Interactive Coding Exercise]The Try and Except Block
The Catch All Block
[Interactive Coding Exercise] The Catch All Block
Your Sample Data and Scripts
Adding Resources to Replit
The Finally Block

Saving The Results – Working With Files

Learning Objectives – Saving The Results – Working With Files
Adding Bad Data
Saving The Results – Working With Files
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Saving The Results – Working With Files
Binary File Modes
Text File Modes
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Text File Modes
About Text File Modes
The With Statement
[Interactive Coding Exercise] The With Statement

Breaking Up Larger Programs, Part 1

Learning Objectives – Breaking Up Larger Programs, Part 1
About Replit.config
Breaking Up Larger Programs
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Functions
Function Parameters
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Function Parameters
Local Versus Global Variables
About Local Versus Global Variables
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Local Versus Global Variables
Positional And Keyword Parameters
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Positional And Keyword Parameters
Return Statement
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Return Statement
About Working With JSON
Working With JSON
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Working With JSON
Code Comments And Clear Code
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Code Comments And Clear Code

Summarising And Presenting The Results

Learning Objectives – Summarising and Presenting the Results
About Summarising and Presenting the Results
Summarising And Presenting The Results Part 1
Cleaning the Data
Summarising And Presenting The Results Part 2
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Summarising And Presenting The Results
More Numeric Functions – Min, Max, Sum
[Interactive Coding Exercise] More Numeric Functions – Min, Max, Sum
Formatted Strings, f-strings
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Formatted Strings, f-strings

Breaking Up Larger Programs, Part 2

Learning Objectives – Breaking Up Larger Programs, Part 2
About Breaking Up Larger Programs, Part 2
Splitting Code Into Modules
About Namespaces
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Namespaces
About medals_by_country_and_type
Using Our Modules
[Interactive Coding Exercise] Using Our Modules

OPTIONAL: Getting Set Up On a PC or MAC

Learning Objectives – Getting Set Up On a PC or MAC
Getting Set Up
Starting Python on Windows 10
Starting a Terminal on Mac OS
Starting Python on Mac OS
Starting a Terminal or Command Prompt on Windows
Installing Python on Windows
Installing Python on MacOS
Quick Python Test – Running Python
Python Scripts and IDLE
Code Editors and IDEs
Running Python Scripts

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