This course is to get introduced to arduino UNO,interfacing embedded devices,IoT,and plotting sensors data to the cloud

What you will learn

The complete overview of IoT technology with practical exposure and theoretical definition. In this course we will cover all aspects starting from basic devices to advanced devices. We are digging dive from LED blinking to plotting the sensor values to the cloud with necessary hardware boards along with software IDE’s.

Data collection is predominant in the current technology for AI . To getting started with data collection we need IoT technology. This course will implicitly covers to getting started to control devices along with gathering sensor data and plotting in cloud aspect for data retrieval and data analytics with will be a key part in AI technology.


In this  course module we will do practical session starting from Blinking LED to plotting the multiple sensor values to the cloud. By end of this course you will able to plot the sensor values to the cloud with ease.After the course we are keen to help for building your IOT projects based on microcontroller,microprocessor like SBC





Arduino UNO board introduction

Introduction to arduino UNO board and hardware overview

Arduino IDE Introduction and installation

about arduino IDE

Arduino IDE in detail

Arduino IDE In detail

Arduino Programming syntax

How arduino programming structure will work

Interfacing LED with Arduino UNO

Interfacing and Blinking LED at various time intervals

Interfacing Multiple LED ‘s with Arduino UNO

Interfacing Multiple LED’s with Arduino UNO

Interfacing buzzer with Arduino UNO

Interfacing Buzzer with Arduino UNO

Introduction to Serial Monitor

Serial monitor along with various Baud rate

Interfacing LDR with Arduino UNO

Interfacing LDR with Arduino UNO

Project : smart street using LDR

Building smart street light

Interfacing potentiometer with Arduino UNO

Interfacing POT with UNO

Interfacing Temperature sensor

Interfacing Temperature sensor

Interfacing Accelerometer with Arduino UNO

Intefacing accelerometer

Introduction to IOT and Thingspeak

In this section we will look what IoT is and how to plot the data

Plotting sensor values to the cloud

Introduction to ESP8266 and Plotting temperature sensor values to the thingspeak

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