PHP for Beginners 2022: The Complete PHP MySQL PDO Course

Learn PHP MySQL and PDO and Build a Complete Project

What you will learn

You will be able to understand some backend key terms

You will be able to grasp most common PHP standards code in no time

You will be able to read and write PHP code

You will be able to dive deep into some PHP complex topics easily

Grasp the concept of SQL clauses, functions, data types

Learn CRUD operations and how to use them to make use out of your database

How to write simple to complex SQL queries

Learn PDO from the basics to the advanced concepts

Learn some advanced PDO concepts like transactions

Utilize what you have learned by building an app from the ground up


Welcome to my full stack PHP, MySQL, and PDO course where you will learn everything you need to know about one of the most three hot technologies right now. This course is organized systematically from the programming language (PHP) to The most well-known database (MySQL) to the best PHP tool to connect to this database which is (PDO) to give the most interesting, fun, informative, and worthy opportunity for learning web development the right way. Throughout the course, you will be introduced to major parts of these tools that should get you your dream web development job by building your CV.

The course also is going to updated constantly in order to bring some more practical knowledge and projects. So what are waiting for? This is the best way to sharpen your skills and be a great developer. The course is also planned and sectioned out really well so if you have some experience with some technology you can move easily to your targeted tool. you can see in the curriculum that I flagged the tools with these —— tech name —— . if you are interested in this course, don’t hesitate and just get going with it   

I hope to see you inside 🙂






Installation for The Course


Installing Xampp

Installing Sublime

———————-PHP Basics————————

Into to The Course

PHP Basics: Basic Syntax and First Steps

Basic Syntax


Print and Differences between Echo and Print




Single vs Double Quotes

PHP Basics: Data Types






PHP Basics: Operations

Arithmetical Operators

Assignment Operators

Comparison Operators

Increment and Decrement Operators

PHP Basics: Statements

If Elseif Else


PHP Basics: Loops



PHP Basics: Arrays

Arrays and Indexed Arrays

Associative Arrays

Multidimensional Arrays

PHP Basics: Functions


Functions with Arguments

PHP Basics: Super Globals

Intro to Super Globals



Sessions pt. 1

Sessions pt. 2

PHP Basics: Date and Time



———————-MySQL Basics————————


MySQL Basics: First Steps

Creating and Dropping Databases

Creating Tables

Dropping Tables

Inserting into Tables

Updating and Deleting

Data Types


MySQL Basics: Constraints

Primary Keys

Foreign Keys


MySQL Basics: Clauses

Select and Where

Order by

Group by

MySQL Basics: Alters


MySQL Basics: Joins


Inner Joins

Left and Right Joins

———————-PDO Basics————————

Intro to The Course

PDO: Connecting to The Database

Connecting to DB with PDO

Catching Errors

PDO: The Many Ways of Fetching Data with PDO

Getting Data with Query and Fetch pt.1

Getting Data with Query and Foreach

Getting Data with Query and Fetch pt.2

Getting Data with FetchColumn

Getting Data with FetchAll

PDO: Prepared Statements and Performing Crud Operations

Prepared Statements

Update and Delete

PDO: More Crucial Parts of PHP PDO

Getting RowCount

Getting LastInsertId


Closing the Connection

———————-The First Project————————


First Project: Complete PHP PDO Todolist

Setting Up

Inserting into DB

Pulling the Data

Deleting the Data

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