Oppolis Cloud: The Complete Beginners Course

Learn everything you need to know about the Oppolis Cloud creative project management platform

What you will learn

How to comfortably navigate the Oppolis Cloud system

Discover how to create spaces, projects, jobs, tasks and users

How to manage complex creative workflows with ease

How to effectively manage their multi-team creative projects


Welcome to the official Oppolis Cloud beginners course. This course will provide all students, of any level, with a complete overview and deep understanding of the Oppolis Cloud platform. Delivered via intuitive demonstration videos designed to showcase why Oppolis Cloud is the creative workflow solution used by creative teams.

Each area of the Oppolis Cloud system is broken down into digestible sections, and then again into informative, bite-size overview videos, to ensure that the wealth of functions and features do not overwhelm any student undertaking the course. Discover the roles of every type of Oppolis Cloud user, from project manager, designer, reviewer, collaborator and client.

This course is updated regularly, with any new features introduced into the system.

By the end of the course you’ll be able to:

  • Comfortably navigate the Oppolis Cloud system
  • Create spaces, projects, jobs, tasks and users
  • Manage your creative projects
  • Manage your user account
  • Manage all user types
  • Review and approve creative content
  • Request assets from your client
  • Request creative content from your design teams
  • Request final, approved artwork from your design teams
  • Manage the creative flow of projects and tasks
  • Follow a creative job from inception through to completion
  • Collaborate with your internal and external teams and clients
  • Learn how complex creative workflows have been simplified
  • Navigate the mobile app

This course is for:

  • Anyone that wants to learn how to use Oppolis Cloud quickly
  • Anyone that wants to be a more productive in managing creative projects and teams


The Basics

Signing Up for an Account
User Types and Roles
Navigating Oppolis Cloud
Working with your First Project

Working with Jobs

Jobs Overview
Requesting Assets
The Creative Job
A simple Proof
Working with a Proof – Guest
Working with a Proof – Proofer
Requesting Deliverables
Managing Users and Projects

Working with Managed Jobs

The Creative Managed Job

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