NLP & Law Of Attraction – Master NLP & The Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction & NLP – Learn how to attract the relationships, health and lifestyle you want with LOA and NLP

What you will learn

How to positively change your personal, professional and spiritual life

How to tune into your guidance system and purposely create what you want

How to get your ideal clients/or dream job

The tools that clear out limiting beliefs and unwanted memories

How to ‘line up’ and allow money, health, love and happiness to flow to you easily

How to become a powerful magnet and attract your greatest desires

Powerful NLP processes that guide you step-by-step to freedom

A 30 day process which works like magic in attracting your ideal life

What the Law of Attraction is and how to create your perfect life

What NLP is and how to clear out and change negative beliefs and replace them with empowering expectations instead

Processes that easily put you in the ‘allowing zone’ and attract the people, places and opportunities needed to manifest your dreams

How to have optimum health and lots of energy

How to have the money and freedom to do what you want when you want to


** Over 1500 students have already enrolled in this ‘NLP & Law of Attraction – Master NLP & Law Of Attraction’ course and have left numerous full 5 Star ecstatic reviews.**

James Budd gave the course a 5 star review and wrote…

“I really enjoyed this course and have already benefited from doing some of the guided processes. My beliefs are changing to more positive ones and I’m looking forward to doing the 30 day challenge which I’m planning to start in the next few days. 5 star course and highly recommended.”

Joe Parys gave the course a 5 star review and wrote…

“After taking this course I have learned more about NLP than any other course I have taken. Sharon also does an amazing job with the Law of Attraction and gives your some excellent resources for understanding and applying it to your life! This course is a must take for anyone looking to learn more about how to become successful and use NLP/LOA!”

Phat Tran gave the course a 5 star review and wrote…

“I’ve read many books on LOA and NLP but it was mainly all conceptual. This course by Sharon explains the concepts in a very concise way. Sharon does a great job sharing tangible steps to APPLY these concepts. Many books I’ve read had complex techniques to practice, but Sharon’s techniques are very simple and straightforward. That alone makes me satisfied with this course. Thank you Sharon for your knowledge.”

This course is taught by Sharon Bolt who has been featured in over 40 different local and national newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations. She was featured in the BBC Documentary “Britain’s Most Embarrassing Pets.” and has a monthly slot on BBC Radio, which she’s had since 2008, where she answers the listeners’ doggie dilemmas. Why do we tell you this? Because she’s got all this success by practicing the NLP and Law of Attraction techniques she openly shares with you in this course.

Sharon answers student questions in all her Udemy courses daily.

This NLP and Law of Attraction course is for people who want more money, success, love, happiness, optimum health and fun in their lives using the Law of Attraction and NLP.

Course Description

**For the first time on Udemy** this course combines 2 of the most powerful philosophies there are, the Law of Attraction and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). These 2 remarkable methods enable you to clear out the blocks and limitations that have been holding you back and replace them with positive expectations which allow your ideal life to easily manifest instead.

Learn how to focus on what you want and take the fast track and easy route to success with the Law of Attraction and NLP.

When you understand and work favourably with the Law of Attraction life becomes abundant, fulfilling and fun. Things you’ve wanted, sometimes for a long time, appear in your life as if by magic. This could be a promotion at work or a new idea for your business that brings great wealth. It could also be meeting your soul mate, or a health issue healing. The world is your oyster and the possibilities are endless when you align with the law of attraction.


Set yourself free, have clarity and get your ideal life with this Law of Attraction and NLP course.

If you’re looking for complicated explanations and processes then this course is NOT for you. This NLP and law of attraction course is simple, easy to do and gets amazing results fast!

What You Will Get From This NLP and Law of Attraction Course

You’ll get the tools, processes and simple law of attraction and NLP techniques that will empower you to become the deliberate creator of your stress free life.

You’ll discover the 3 vital steps to getting everything you want with the law of attraction and how to do the most important step of all, step 3 – getting this right positively changes your wealth, health, relationships etc.

You’ll learn how to identify what beliefs are holding you back and then how to replace them with positive ones using NLP guided meditations – this will open you up to the success and wonderful experiences you want.

You’ll find out how to tune into your guidance system and discover how to work favorably with the law of attraction so that you start attracting what you want in as little as 68 seconds of pure thought.

You’ll also learn easy practices which will allow all the co-operative components (people, opportunities, chance meetings etc.) to come into your experience in order for you to manifest your greatest desires – this is the law of attraction in action!

You’ll also discover why there’s strong momentum in the negative stories you’ve been telling which have been keeping you stuck, how to slow this momentum down and replace them with new positive ones, using the law of attraction and NLP processes.

** Plus the icing on the cake ** You’ll get a 30 day law of attraction process which when followed is extremely powerful, and a blue print, for you to create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to identify where you have been self-sabotaging your dreams, often without realizing it. You’ll know how to let go of patterns that are not benefiting you and allow great things to easily flow to you instead. You’ll know how to deliberately create what you want in your life, simply by applying the law of attraction and NLP techniques that you’ll learn in this course.

Imagine having the golden key to your ideal life, see yourself having a magic wand and knowing that the world is your oyster, that’s what you can look forward to after completing this course.

Can it really be that easy? Absolutely! Click on the green button at the top of the page to enroll in this easy, fun and powerful NLP and Law of Attraction course that comes with a 30 day money back guarantee – take the first step to manifesting your dream life today!

This Is What You’ll Get From This Course

This Is What You’ll Get From This Course

Where It All Started…

The Proof Is In The Pudding – This Is What People Say…
My Story – How A Mysterious Illness Dramatically Changed My Life

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

What NLP Is And What It Can Do For You
Why Your Mindset, Beliefs And Expectations Are So Powerful – How To Get It Right

Guided NLP Processes

Unsure About visualization? This Will Blow Your Mind!
How To Change A Belief Process
How To Feel Positive At The Touch Of Your Fingers – Literally!
How To Replace Negative Emotions With Positive Healthy Ones

The Law Of Attraction (LOA)

The LOA – What It Is
This Is Guiding You Every Step Of The Way
How To Allow All What You Want To Flow Easily To You
How To Create What You Want Deliberately And On Purpose
The Power Of Visualization And How To Do It Right

Manifest Your Dreams In 30 Days Process

Create Your Dream Life With This 30 Day Process
30 Day Challenge Download


This Will Help You On Your Journey

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Thank You And Questions

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