New avenues for young minds in requirements engineering

Pave a new way for a perfect project planning

What you will learn

Understand the meaning of requirements engineering

Understand what is implicit requirements

Prepare a set of reusable requirements

Prepare for a career in requirements engineering


Requirements engineering is broadly divided into requirements development and requirements management. The elicitation of requirements under requirements development encounters a defect called as implicit requirements, which is not a type of requirement. The implicit requirements are hidden or concise requirements and need to be elaborated to obtain the finest of the detail. Most of the times, these details are not documented and hence become implicit again for another project or organization. The documented practice of implicit requirements leads to reusable requirements in the form of checklists or domain handbooks.

Examples of reusable requirements are given to make the student understand how common these requirements are and at the same time, many of the details are missed out due to lack of documentation. The benefits derived out of the reusable requirements are given with lot more pointers to a repository of such requirements. Overall this practice ensures productivity, quality at project level which in turn ensures a satisfied customer and better business opportunity for the organization.

The course also outlines a journey for the young minds to build a career in requirements engineering. First step with gaining knowledge in basics and domain and then moving on to on-the-job training associated with a project and coaching. Mentoring stage and standalone assignment stages lead the way for the young mind to become a domain expert in requirements engineering.

The benefits include utilizing the internal capabilities for a better requirements engineering function, achieving employee satisfaction as well as a correct step in project planning. With more and more young minds and projects following this good practice, the organization will be building a good customer bonding that leads to good business growth.



An introduction to Requirements Engineering

Understanding Requirements Engineering

New avenues of young minds in reusable requirements

Understanding Reusable requirements
Benefits of reusable requirements

Building a career in requirements engineering

An introduction to Domain knowledge
Building a career in requirements engineering

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