Never Had SAX Before? Start Playing Saxophone in 1 Hour!

Everything you need to get started on your saxophone journey in a compact crash course with many examples and guidance.
What you will learn

What you will learn


About the instructor:

My name is Arsel and Im the creator of this course!

I was mentored by Miles Davis’ bass player Marshall Hawkins and Frank Zappa’s saxophonist Paul Carman for 4 year at the age of 14-18 with a scholarship. Then I went to Berklee College of Music, and there I studied saxophone with George Garzone, Frank Tiberi, and Harry Skoler. Now I bring you everything I know in the simplest way possible so you can GetSaxxy as fast and easy as possible!

I put this course together so that you can get to play your saxophone as fast as possible with a clear guidance on what to do. In this course there is only guidance of what you need to get started as a saxophonist so that you can enjoy playing the saxophone as fast and efficiently as possible.

In This Course You Will Learn:

  • Parts of your saxophone
  • How to care and use your saxophone correctly.
  • 3 major scales: C, F, G Major
  • Your First Melody: Pierrot
  • How to form a correct Embouchure
  • To get your unique saxophone sound
  • Play your instrument comfortably and confidently
  • Basic Music Theory
  • How To Read Music
  • Additional exercises, workbook, and PDF…

Its the perfect place to start playing the saxophone:)

Live Saxxy, Get Saxxy!



Course Introduction

Meeting Your Saxophone

Module Introduction
Parts of the Saxophone
Setting Up Your Saxophone
Left Hand Placement
Right Hand Placement
Saxophone Posture
Embouchure Tips #1
Packing & Caring For Your Saxophone
Module Recap

First Notes & First Melody

Module Intro
Your First Notes: G/A/B
Your First Song-Pierrot
The Middle C
Notes: Low E/F
Notes: Low D/C
Module Recap

Secrets To a Great Sound on Your Saxophone

Module Intro
The Secret Recipe
Shattering The Common Belief System
How to Get The Saxophone Breath
The BEST Exercise to Form Your Unique Sound
Extra Exercise;)
Module Recap

The Break

Module Intro
Getting Higher
High Notes
Two Octave C Major Scale
Module Recap

The Essentials Of Reading Music

Module Intro
The Cleffs
The Note Names
The Leger Lines
The Staff
The Sharps & Flats
The Key Signatures
The Note & Rest Values
The Time Signatures
Module Recap

Two New Notes & Scales

Module Intro
New Note F#
New Scale: G Major
New Note Bb
New Scale: F Major
Module Recap

Course Recap

Course Recap

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