Martial Arts Striking Techniques

Improve your Martial Arts skills
What you will learn

What you will learn


This course ties together a selection of fundamental techniques to significantly enhance your martial arts skills. The course is rooted in kickboxing but has universal appeal. The techniques covered here are applicable to all styles of martial arts.

To stay fit, it is recommended that you practice regularly. However due to injuries and packed schedules, many people find regular sustained practice difficult. Furthermore, not everybody wants to become a fully fledged martial artist. But it can be hugely beneficial to learn Martial arts in order to increase your health, fitness, and power. Therefore, it is possible to practice in an mindful way, with an emphasis on feeling the internal forces working through you. This is the meaning behind internal martial arts. The external side of martial arts works at the level of muscular development. Chose the emphasis that suits your own needs.

To be an effective Martial Artist, one must gain mastery over their four limbs. This includes practicing footwork, punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, as well as offensive and defensive skills. In doing so, you will learn more about how to move more generally in everyday life. We learn by doing, and any amount of light practice can be beneficial. Long term progress is ensured by sustained effort over time, rather than just one off all-or-nothing practice sessions.  For example, just by going through these exercises for 10-20 minutes per day can positively boost your system. By practicing these movements you will build strength and power, learn effective self defence, and invigorate your body and mind. This is the goal of martial arts, to bring the body and mind to peak physical condition, whatever your level of capability. By practicing the fundamentals regularly, you will ensure that your physical tools and mind remain razor sharp.

No previous experience of martial arts required. You use your body only, and no equipment is needed, only a willingness to learn. You can even do it outdoors! Just remember to do a basic warm up and wear suitable loose clothing where possible. Ideally, practice should be done on a flat dry surface. However, suppose you live at the South Pole. Then this is the environment you have to train in, taking the necessary safety precautions to avoid injury. In everyday life for example, you often find yourself walking across uneven terrain. This can be turned into an exercise which requires you concentration in order to maintain equilibrium. Today, due to declining physical activity, it is more important than ever to regularly enhance the body by using it at its full capability according to your level of development and fitness.



Stance and Footwork
Blocking and Guarding
The Jab
The Right Hand
The Hook
Front Kick
Roundhouse Kick
The Side Kick
Shadow Boxing
Left vs Right
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