Mastering Problem Management and Optimization in ITSM

Learn about ITIL Problem Management, how it works, how to set it up, and how to optimize and continually improve it

What you will learn

How to set up a new problem management ITIL service

The basics of problem management and understanding of terminology

Understanding how business needs impact your service design

Policy and process design in problem management

How to use AI to improve your service as you go via the continous improvement process

How to create a Known Error Database

Identify challenges and how to overcome them


Are you ready to elevate your IT Service Management (ITSM) skills and take control of recurring incidents and problems? Dive into the world of Mastering Problem Management and Optimization, a comprehensive course designed to empower IT professionals with the knowledge and strategies needed to ensure stable, reliable, and efficient IT services.

In this course, you’ll explore the critical role of Problem Management in ITSM, understanding the nuances of identifying and resolving root causes to prevent recurring incidents. Uncover the methodologies, tools, and best practices that contribute to the optimization of IT services, allowing you to not only tackle existing challenges but also proactively enhance service delivery.

As you progress through the course, you’ll gain insights into proactive problem management, root cause analysis techniques, and the integration of problem management with incident and change management. Learn to leverage cutting-edge tools and automation to streamline processes, all while fostering effective communication and collaboration within your IT team.


Take the lead in implementing problem management strategies that will enhance service availability, reduce costs, and improve user satisfaction. Engage in real-world scenarios, case studies, and hands-on exercises that will sharpen your problem-solving skills. By the end of this course, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of problem management, equipping you with the tools and knowledge to make data-driven decisions and contribute to the continuous improvement of IT services.

Are you ready to master problem management and become a valuable asset in ensuring the resilience and efficiency of your organization’s IT services? Enroll now and embark on a journey to elevate your ITSM expertise!


Introduction & and your Ebook reference guide
What is Problem Management?

Scoping before setting up

Understand business needs
Building up stakeholder engagement

Workshops you can use to help build your understanding

SWOT workshop – use this during continuous improvement
Roles & Responsibilities – use this to help teams understand what you came to do
3 Pigs – use this for finding solutions or options papers
5 – Whys workshop – use this for Root Cause Analysis

Building blocks of setting up Problem Management

Metrics and KPIs
What is in a policy for problem management?
The Problem Management Process lifecycle

Maintaining your service

Known Error Database KEDB
Challenges you may face
How you can use AI to your advantage

Conclusion and thank you


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