Management Skills – Unleash and Enhance Part 2

Learn, Apply, Check and Achieve Your Own Target levels of Managerial Competencies

What you will learn

Systematic and Metrics based Methods to Improve and Achieve Target Level Managerial Competencies

Real life scenarios

Applying learning in one area into other areas to improve managerial competencies faster

Time Management techniques

Continuous and steady improvement on required Managerial Competencies


This Program is DIFFERENT from other management programs as it can be tailor made for an individual manager without any external help.

How? This program uses Personalized Coaching approach to improve Managerial Competencies. This program acknowledges that each manager is different and unique and therefore it needs a specific competency improvement plan suitable for every manager. For example, one manager may be good at Time Management but may lack in Team Management. This program recognizes such differences and enables each manager to IDENTIFY the improvement needed for a given Competency. It goes beyond and guides the manager to improve competency to the REQUIRED LEVEL measured by Metrics.

It covers Key competencies –  Adaptability, Communication, Decision Making, Problem Solving and Delegating to equip a manager do better in the given role.

Who decides target level of improvement in a competency? It is YOU. Who decides current level of competency? It is YOU. Who decides progress made? It is again YOU.

How do you arrive at level of improvement needed? YOU decide it based on your current role’s performance targets and associated metrics.

How do you ensure the outcome? Simply follow the flow of this program, complete the assignments, review the progress every 15 days and you are done!!




Competency and Competency Improvement
Managerial Competencies and Method of Improvement
Who are to Attend This Program?
Whom it is NOT meant for?
Why should you attend this Program?
About Me

Program structure

Learn, Apply, Check and Achieve
Priority of Competencies
Phases and Progress Review
Motivation through Progress Review

Program Success Factors

Demands for Program Success
Program Success Factors

Mind set and Metrics

Mind Set

Guidelines to Fill in Competency Mapping Fields

Competency Mapping Sheet Entries
Association between Targets, Data Points and Competencies
Structure of Competency Mapping Table
Ready Set Go

Guidelines to Fill in Self Assessment and Progress Tracker

Critical Point
Self- Assessment Fields
Progress Tracker Fields
Rules to Follow to Fix Percentage Values
Rules for Action Items, Opportunities and Metrics


Why Adaptability
Importance of Adaptability
Change and its Types
Changes and their Effect
Checklist for Adaptability
Preparatory Measures for Adaptability
Practical Scenario
Recommended Practices for Adaptability
Self-Assessment Worksheet and Progress Tracker Action Items


Communication and its Impact
Communication Types and their Improvement
Written Communication
Verbal Communication
Non-Verbal Communication
Using Communication in Tricky Situations
Role Play
Offline Answers
One on One Meetings
Recommended Practices for Better Communication
Self-Assessment Worksheet and Progress Tracker Action Items

Problem Solving

Key Aspects of Problem Solving
Problems, Symptoms and Possible Causes
Real Cause of a Problem
Practical Scenario
Problem Symptoms
Problem Statement
Possible Causes
Solution and its Implementation
Recommended Practices for Problem solving
Self-Assessment Worksheet and Progress Tracker Action Items


Delegating and its Importance
Objectives of Delegating
Critical Points on Delegating
Practical Scenario
Recommended Practices
Self-Assessment Worksheet and Progress Tracker Action Items

Essential Qualities to Complement

Key Essential Qualities
Practical Scenario 1
Practical Scenario 2
Practical Scenario 3
Practical Scenario 4
Recommended Practices
Self-Assessment Worksheet and Progress Tracker Action Items

Motivating (Bonus Video)

Key Points of Motivating
Practical Scenario
Recommended Practices
Before We Conclude

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