Learning about the Book of Amos

Using Ancient Bible Study Methods

What you will learn

The student will learn what the prophet Amos was saying to the Northern Kingdom of Israel

The student will learn about the problems of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in Amos’ time

The student will learn about the culture of Amos’ time

The student will learn about the language in the book of Amos


In this course, the student will learn how to use Ancient Bible Study methods to understand the original meaning of the book of Amos. Ancient Bible study methods were introduced by the sage Hillel who lived about 70 years before Jesus Christ. Using his ideas and adding culture and language to the process a clearer understanding of the Scripture is afforded. The culture and language of Amos’ day are important to know because of the many idioms and Aramaic figures of speech that are in the book. There is a book available for this course and it is recommended that the student purchase it. The book contains even more information about each chapter of the book of Amos. In addition, the bibliography of the book offers the student even more opportunities. If the student needs to learn about Ancient Bible Study methods he/she can go to Followers of the Way Ministry’s webpage to learn the details of this method. There are several books available on the method. The culture of the Northern Kingdom, called Israel or Samaria, was very different from what exists in the Near East today. However, many rituals from Amos’ time are still being used. Near Eastern people hold on to traditions.





Section 2

Chapter 1

Section 3

Chapter 2

Section 4

Chapter 3

Section 5

Chapter 4

Section 6

Chapter 5

Section 7

Amos chapter 6

Section 8

Chapter 7

Section 9

Chapter 8 & 9

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