Accredited- CBT Counseling for Mindfulness & self-compassion

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy M-CBT for self compassion in depression, ptsd, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorders

What you will learn

Various ways to develop self compassion with psychology

Various ways to develop self compassion with spirituality

Various ways to develop self compassion with Mindfulness

Self Acceptance

Thought Defusion

Mindfulness Meditation

Loving-Kindness Meditation

Developing new Mindsets of Self Compassion


Developing Self Compassion with Mindfulness

Learn how to love yourself unconditionally in depression, trauma, and difficult times. Develop self compassion easily.

In this course learn psychology of self compassion and how it can help you live a life of fulfillment and satisfaction. Learning the skills of self compassion can be extremely useful during the depressive times. This course is especially beneficial to you if you have recently gone through difficult times.

It is common for most people to have a critical self talk, negative mood swings and depleting self perception. The art of living a quality life is about learning to love ourselves and every living being unconditionally; especially in difficult times. Buddha says suffering is inevitable. We all are suffering is some way, shape or form, learning the art of self compassion is a very rewarding experience.

Self compassion is a way of life, a mindset of kindness towards all living organisms regardless of their situations. Self compassion is the path of love to overcome problems, pains and live an authentic life. There are no downfalls of this lifestyle, so what is the loss in learning about it?

In this course I combine psychological tools, personal experience and spiritual laws to give you a profound understanding, motivations and steps to develop self compassion. If you are somewhat dissatisfied, unhappy, and stressed, this course is very useful for you.

However, this scope is not so limited. Parents can take this course for themselves and then teach it to their children as this course is based on common humanity and mindfulness. Anyone from happy to depressed can benefit from this course.

There is no educational qualification required to take this course as it is rewarding to all human kind.

This course is not an accrediated or practitioner certificate. This course is only for self help educational purposes.



Common Humanity
How you treat yourself
Mistakes, Forgiveness & Sedona Method
I am OK, You’re OK
Letting go of resistance
Be patient with yourself
Taking care of yourself
Understanding Suffering
Section Intro
Thought Defusion
Self as Context
Anapana Meditation of Mindfulness
Metta Bhavana Meditation
Useful Resources

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