Learn to build a responsive landing page with Bootstrap 4

A practical guide for beginners to build a modern one-product landing page with Bootstrap 4 basics

What you will learn

Build a responsive sales page with Bootstrap 4

Learn how to adjust the website content for every screen size

Learn basics of converting traditional HTML and CSS into Bootstrap

Understand the best practices about the Bootstrap grids and columns

Basic layout techniques of Bootstrap


This course will teach you how to use Bootstrap 4 to design a responsive landing page. So if you have a working knowledge about HTML and CSS, then you will learn how to create a responsive landing page in 2 hours. This course doesn’t cover everything in Bootstrap 4. But if you need to learn how to build a landing page with Bootstrap 4, then this is the course for you. No prior knowledge of Bootstrap 3 or any Bootstrap version is required.

This course is primarily focused on building a Bootstrap based responsive landing page to sell a product.

This landing page includes the following parts

  1. A basic header
  2. A “buy now” section with a call to action
  3. Author description section
  4. Product descriptions section
  5. Testimonials section
  6. Bonus products section
  7. A call to action section with discounted pricing

Order now and learn to create a responsive and an awesome landing page in the next 2 hours.





Logo and Hero sections

Logo and Hero sections – Question
Logo and Hero sections – Answer
Adding container for the total page
Finishing the logo section
Adjusting the logo section for different screen sizes
Changing body font
Hero section and image

The book order section

Book order text

Hero section for different screen sizes

Hero section for large size
Hero section for medium size
Hero section for small size
Hero section for extra small size

About the author

About the author – headings
Author image and text for XL size
Author image and text for LG and lower sizes


Features – all sizes



Bonus offers

Bonus offers – headings
First bonus product
Second bonus product
Bonus product rotation

Second testimonials section

Second testimonials section

Call to action

Call to action
Social icons



Columns and rows – Quiz

Container and the rows

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