Learn the basics of Spring Boot features

Learn Spring Boot and fundamental features

What you will learn

Learn what is the spring boot

Learn the spring boot basic features

Learn from basic to advanced spring boot features

Good hands on Spring boot set up and working examples


In this course you will be able to learn following things in detail

1. What is spring boot? difference spring boot vs traditional WAR deployment

Install IntelliJΒ Community edition

2. What is Spring Initializr tool and how to use it ?

3. What are the embedded servers and how to switch to alternate servers

4. How to provide configuration files to Spring boot?

5. What are the ways to read the configuration files?

a)Β How to configure the properties files

b) How to configure the yaml configuration files

6. How to use the value annotation with below things

a. Value annotation to read the simple String values

b. Value annotation to read the List of values

c.Β Value annotation to read the key value pairs

7. How to use the Spring profiles

a. What is mean by spring profile?

b. How to configure custom spring profiles

c. When to use the spring profiles

d. Where the spring profiles are applied (with configuration properties and spring beans)

e. Benefits of using the spring profiles

8. How to develop sample rest API using spring boot starter package?

9. How to run the spring boot application

a. With maven command line

b. With java jar command line

c. maven package





Install IntelliJ

Install IntelliJ

Spring Initializr

How to use Spring Initializr

How to run Spring boot application?

How to run the spring boot application?

Developing Rest API

Spring boot rest API

Spring application properties

Read properties from configuration via @Value annotation
Read properties from Configuration Properties
Configuration with YAML files

Embedded servers with spring boot

What is Embedded Server?
Embedded servers with Spring boot

Spring Profiles

What are the Spring Profiles?
Profiles with properties files
Profiles with spring beans

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