Learn MATLAB from ZERO to HERO

Learn MATLAB without any previous knowledge

What you will learn

Programming basics

Most common MATLAB functions

Operating with vectors and matrices

Making simple programs

Working with data

Making different types of graphics


MATLAB is one of the fundamental and leading programming languages; therefore, it is a must-learn skill for anyone who wants to pursue a career in engineering, science or related fields. Consequently, excellent MATLAB programming skills are a crucial factor in your career.

This MATLAB course will take you from beginner to professional.ย  This course is designed from the perspective of a student who has no prior knowledge of MATLAB and is a MATLAB beginner. In addition, it is defined in a way that goes from the most basic to the most complex aspects, so that the student can acquire the basics of MATLAB programming in the best possible way.

Among the contents of this course are the following:

  • Declaration and operation with numeric variables
  • Text variable handling
  • Interaction with the user
  • Functions with variables, operators and logical statements
  • Definition of functions
  • Iterative loops
  • Creating graphics
  • Data handling

Therefore, throughout this comprehensive course, we cover a wide range of skills and techniques that include the most essential aspects of programming in MATLAB and any other programming language.

By taking this course, you will become a fluent MATLAB programmer and become so good that you will be able to get a reasonable job offer as a MATLAB developer and use the language professionally.




Working environment
MATLAB as a calculator
Help function
Frequently used functions

Numerical variables: vectors and matrices

Variable declaration
EXERCISE: Variable declaration 1
EXERCISE: Variable declaration 2
Declaration of vectors and matrices
Vector and matrix dimensioning
Concatenation of vectors and matrices
Transposed matrix, inverse and determinant
Modification of elements of vectors and matrices
Operations with vectors and matrices
Vectors and matrices of random numbers
Special matrices
EXERCISE: Vectors and matrices 1
EXERCISE: Vectors and matrices 2
EXERCISE: Vectors and matrices 3
EXERCISE: Vectors and matrices 4
Loading and saving variables

Text variables

String class text variables
Char class text variables
Common functions for operating with text variables

Interacting with the user

Display messages on screen
Request variables from the user
EXERCISE: Interacting with the user 1
EXERCISE: Interacting with the user 2

Logical variables and conditional statements

Logical variables
Logical operators
Ifโ€ฆelseif conditional statement
EXERCISE: Ifโ€ฆelseif conditional statement
Switch conditional statement
EXERCISE: Switch conditional statement


Function definition


For loop
Nested for loops
EXERCISE: For loop
While loop
EXERCISE: While loop
Loop interruption
EXERCISE: Loop interruption


2D graphics
3D graphics
Functions for generating graphs
EXERCISE: Graphics

Data handling

Cell arrays

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