Learn Alpine.js: Up & Running with Alpine.js v3

Learn all about version 3 of the new, lightweight, JavaScript framework.

What you will learn

Learn the JavaScript framework Alpine

Development of interactive websites with Alpine

The proper use-cases for Alpine

Building interactive web components with Alpine


Alpine.js is an elegant and lightweight JavaScript framework which you can use to include interactivity in your web pages with minimal effort. I am happy to welcome you to my course on Alpine.js here on Udemy.

During this course I will teach you:

  • The essentials of Alpine.js
  • How to use Alpine.js its special directives
  • Hooking into Alpine.js its lifecycle

About Alpine.js

Alpine.js is a new lightweight JavaScript framework coming from the Laravel community. It can serve as the perfect replacement for good old JQuery in cases where you need just little bits of interactivity in your webpages. In that sense it isnโ€™t a replacement for other popular JavaScript frameworks like React.js or Vue.js, which allow you to write full-blown single page web applications. The proper use-cases for Alpine.js can be found in server side generated web pages which need some interactivity to make dropdowns and modals work for example.

Alpine.js comes with a whole set of directives which allow you to easily manipulate HTML on a web page, add event listeners and set up two-way data binding.

About Me

My name is Koen, it is nice to meet you. Starting out at the age of 15 with iOS development I never lost my interest in Software Development. Currently I mainly keep myself occupied with web development. I am invested in multiple backend technologies and frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, Django and Laravel. On the frontend side of projects I follow the development of React, Alpine.js and Vue.js closely.



Introduction to Alpine.js

Hello Alpine
Useful Extensions for Visual Studio Code

Essentials of Alpine.js

Alpine Component Start with `x-data`
Data Binding with `x-bind` and `x-model`
Special `x-model` Modifiers
Toggle elements with `x-show`
Removing page flickerings with `x-cloak`
Conditional rendering with `x-if`
We can use regular JavaScript in directives

Working with Dynamic Data

Render templates multiple times with `x-for`
Objects in for-loops and binding a key in `x-for`
Fetching From an API on `x-init`
Extracting out inline JavaScript

Finishing Up

Where to Go From Here

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