Leadership: Be successful as a leader in leading others

Learn how to lead people in a changing world: key concepts of leadership

What you will learn

By the end of this course you will know what is important in fulfilling a leadership role in our rapidly changing world

By the end of the course you will understand the psychology of communication and influencing

You wil be able to use communication skills and tools to be successful as a leader


This course is about how to become a successful leader. You will learn how you get easier things done through others The focus is on people skills related to social and emotional intelligence. We will use lectures, self-reflection questionnaires, observation exercises and a lot of very practical examples. It is about leading and leadership in a quickly changing world.



Introduction and preparation

What will you learn and who is teaching?
Lecture 2: overview of the goals and the content of this progam
Thinking about organisations, people and leadership
Self reflection and learning goals

Context of Leadership

The Macro context: the rapidly changing world
The micro context: recent insights from brain studies
Your understanding of the context

The foundation: the levels of communication

The foundation of effective relationships: levels of communication
Effective communication

The main tool: how to influence: action and reaction

Explanation of the tool action and reaction
Exercise: observing the game of social positioning

The main tool in practice

Examples on how to use the tool: different techniques to influence


The Final Quiz

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