Jungian Psychology and Spiritual Growth

Exploring the Depths of the Psyche for Personal Transformation

What you will learn

Understand the basic concepts of Jungian psychology, including the psyche, archetypes, and individuation, and how they relate to spiritual growth

Develop practical skills for applying Jungian psychology to their own spiritual growth, including techniques for integrating the unconscious working with dreams

Learn how to incorporate spiritual practices, such as meditation, art therapy, and rituals, into their Jungian psychology practice

Gain practical insights into how to apply Jungian psychology to real-life situations, such as relationships and career development, to enhance personal growth


Jungian Psychology and Spiritual Growth is a comprehensive course that explores the theories and concepts of Carl Jung and their connection to spiritual growth. In this course, we will delve into the depths of the unconscious mind, exploring the ways in which the psyche influences our daily lives and spiritual paths. Through a combination of lectures, discussions, and experiential exercises, students will learn to recognize and integrate the shadow self, embrace archetypes, and tap into the collective unconscious.

The course will begin with an overview of Jungian psychology, including concepts such as the ego, persona, and collective unconscious. We will then explore the role of dreams and symbols in spiritual growth, learning how to decode the messages that our unconscious mind is sending us. Next, we will delve into the shadow self and explore the ways in which our hidden desires and fears impact our spiritual journey.

Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to engage in experiential exercises, including dream analysis, active imagination, and archetype exploration. By working with these techniques, students will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their spiritual paths. Additionally, students will learn practical tools and techniques for integrating their shadow selves, working with archetypes, and tapping into the collective unconscious in their daily lives.

By the end of this course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of Jungian psychology and its relevance to spiritual growth. They will have gained practical tools and techniques for working with the unconscious mind, as well as a deeper understanding of themselves and their spiritual journeys.



Introduction to Jungian Psychology

Intro Video
Introduction to Carl Jung and his work
Ego Video
The psyche and its components: ego, personal unconscious, collective unconscious
The role of archetypes in Jungian psychology

The Unconscious and Spiritual Growth

Video: The Unconscious
The concept of individuation and its importance for spiritual growth
The importance of accessing the unconscious for spiritual growth
Techniques for accessing the unconscious, including active imagination and dream
The symbolic language of the unconscious and its relevance to spiritual growth
The concept of the shadow self and how to work with it for personal growth

The Psyche

Video: The Psyche
Video: The Personal Unconscious
Personal Unconscious
Collective Unconscious
Collective Unconscious


Archetypes Video
An introduction to archetypes and their importance in Jungian psychology
Common archetypes and their symbolic meanings
Techniques for identifying and working with archetypes for personal growth
Archetype Meditation
The connection between archetypes and spirituality


Individuation Video
Definition and Process
Importance of Individuation in Spiritual Growth
Individuation Meditation

Dreams and Symbols

Dreams Video
Introduction to Dreams and Symbols in Jungian Psychology
The Language of Dreams and Symbols
Techniques for Dream Analysis
Symbols Video
Symbols in Everyday Life

Understanding the Shadow Self

Shadow Self Video
Introduction to the Shadow Self
Recognizing the Shadow Self
Shadow in Relationships Video
The Shadow in Relationships
Techniques for Shadow Work
Shadow Meditation

Meditation & Visualization

Meditation and Visualization
Introduction to Meditation and Visualization in Jungian Psychology
Types of Meditation and Visualization
Working with Archetypes through Meditation and Visualization
Visualization Meditation
Incorporating Meditation and Visualization into Daily Life

Art Therapy and Active Imagination

Art Therapy and Active Imagination Video
Introduction to Art Therapy and Active Imagination in Jungian Psychology
Techniques for Art Therapy and Active Imagination
Archetypes and Symbols in Art Therapy and Active Imagination
Integrating Art Therapy and Active Imagination into Daily Life
Art Therapy and Active Imagination Activities

Rituals and Symbols

Rituals and Symbols Video
Introduction to Rituals and Symbols in Jungian Psychology
Types of Rituals and Symbols
Archetypes and Symbols in Rituals
Incorporating Rituals and Symbols into Daily Life
Ritual and Symbols Activities

Jungian Psychology in Relationships

Relationships Video
Importance of psychological compatibility
The role of projection in relationships
Developing healthy relationships through individuation

Jungian Psychology in Career Development

Career Video
Understanding personal and collective archetypes
Finding meaning and purpose in career
Balancing personal and professional development


Transcendence Video
Introduction to the concept of transcendence
Different types of transcendent experiences
Connections between the unconscious, archetypes, and transcendence
Techniques for accessing and working with transcendent experiences


Course Complete
Jungian Spiritual Growth Residency

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