Japanese for beginners : simple expressions and basic voc.

learn Japanese easily and quickly thanks to illustrations

What you will learn

46 hiragana characters

46 simple and short expressions

46 katakana characters

46 onomatopoeia


This is an express course for beginners who want to want to discover Japanese language.  In this course, you will learn 46 simple and short expressions that contain each hiragana, the first alphabet, and 46 widely used onomatopoeia that contain each katakana, the second alphabet.

Thanks to numerous illustrations, a recorded soundtrack with the voice of a native Japanese teacher and English subtitles, you will easily and quickly learn 46 simple expressions and 46 onomatopoeias that will allow you to start your first conversation in Japanese right away.

You will learn how to say: Thank you.  I’m going to eat.  I am happy.  What’s that?  It’s delicious.  Hello.  Fire!  Come, please.  Give me that, please.  No, thank you.  Hello.  Goodbye.  Quiet!  I love you.  Master!  I see.  Let’s eat!  It’s not that.  I’m tired.  The weather is fine.  Not at all.  What is it?  Save yourself!  It’s lukewarm.  I go to bed.  Let’s drink!  Nice to meet you.  Give me one, please.  Give me two, please.  That’s weird.  It’s true.  Not yet.  Look at this!  I can’t.  This is annoying.  More, please.  Stop, please.  Slowly!  I’m reassured.  It’s easy.  Give me an apple, please.  He’s not here.  I’ll make contact.  It is six o’clock.  I understand.  Tea, please. Yes.

Also, you will learn 46 funny onomatopoeias which you may have seen some of them in manga.

There are also additional lessons that will introduce you to the Japanese writing system and the geography of Japan.  In the lesson of Geography, many beautiful pictures taken in spectacular places in Japan are presented.



Three writing systems of Japanese language

hiragana, katakana, kanji

a i u e o

あいうえお video

ka ki ku ke ko

かきくけこ video

sa shi su se so

さしすせそ video

ta chi tsu te to

たちつてと video

na ni nu ne no

なにぬねの video

ha hi fu he ho

はひふへほ video

ma mi mu me mo

まみむめも video

ya yu yo

やゆよ video

ra ri ru re ro

らりるれろ video

wa o n

わを ん video


Geography of Japan

katakana : a i u e o


katakana : ka ki ku ke ko


katakana : sa shi su se so


katakana : ta chi tsu te to


katakana : na ni nu ne no


katakana : ha hi fu he ho


katakana : ma mi mu me mo


katakana : ya yu yo


katakana : ra ri ru re ro


katakana : wa o n

ワヲ ン

And then?

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