Crack Azure 900 certification

Learn fundamentals of Cloud computing and Azure

What you will learn

Learn fundamental of azure cloud computing

Differentiate among core services offered by azure

Crack azure 900 certification easily

Explore details and benefits of cloud computing


This course helps you pass the Azure 900 Certification, and build a solid fundamental for azure and its services.

Nowadays, Cloud Computing is not just a trendy thing like AI, Block-chain, etc but has become part of everyone’s business model that is making the world smother to run, Microsoft Azure is one of the big players in this market, offering countless services under its umbrella, which on one end can fulfill its user’s demands but can also lead to confusion when to use which.

This course will help you learn cloud computing and azure in an easy way, that ranges from:

what is cloud computing?

what does it have in its bucket to serve its users?

what differentiates one service from others?

How it is advantageous to use, and What benefits it brings along?

What all service models do cloud computing comes with? SaaS, PaaS, IaaS. What are current examples for each of them?

What makes azure?

How to start experiencing its utility? What are its management tools?

What are its core high-level services?

and How does it works behind the scene?

What comprises azure’s physical infrastructure?

How does its management infrastructure work?

How does Azure virtual machine work and beneficial to use?

How you can scale identical VMs?

How large batch jobs can be run using Azure Batch?



Cloud Computing

Service models

Fundamentals of Azure

Core architecture
Overview: What makes azure?

Azure Core services

Azure Virtualization
Azure container
Azure Hosting
Serverless Computing
Azure Networking
Azure Storage
Azure Database
Azure Identity
Azure Migration
Azure Security

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