Introduction to Alcohol Distribution in Singapore

For wines / beer / spirits / liquor

What you will learn

Registering and setting up a business name / profile

Types of licenses and permits required for the business

Understanding process of importation of alcohol

Understanding the different type of storage for alcohol

Understanding process of distribution of alcohol

Making sense of the permits and how to count Duties and GST for payment


Like the title, I hope this course guides you well if you have any questions how to get started on alcohol importation. To many, this field is often under-explored. With this exposure, hopefully, the right kind of questions can now be asked.

This course will go into the portion that coincides with logistics, local clearance and address issues like the importance of the right documentation for doing clearance, understanding the standards required for documentation and even the right kind of permits for your warehousing needs.

To begin, we would go into the admin portion – how to set up the business, registering the business, choosing the right SSIC code, name, how to do a check for similar sounding names, etc. The links are all provided for the user to try out. There are some costs involved of course if you want to go and register the company name. Explanations have been provided as well. Then the application of the permits and licenses to run the business with the background provided. This portion will take some time to slowly understand as well since the user would have to deal with regulatory bodies.

The ops portion will be relevant to the business, dealing with the documentation for importing and exporting and also choosing the right kind of storage for your alcohol. We will end with understanding better the permits used and how to calculate duties for the alcohol.




Introduction to Alcohol Distribution in Singapore


Admin portion – Setting up, registering the company, applying for the licenses

Video 2 – Setting up and Registering a company

Admin portion – Types of permits and licenses to operate

Video 3 – Licenses and Permits to operate the business

Ops portion – Understanding Importation, Storage, Distribution

Video 4 – Understanding importation
Video 5 – Understanding Storage
Video 6 – Understanding Distribution

Ops – Making sense of permits and Understanding Duties and GST calculation

Video 7 – Making sense of permits and Calculating Duties for alcohol

Conclusion – now the real fun starts…

Video 8 – Conclusion

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