Human Goals

All Human Goals Condensed to 3 Plus 1

What you will learn

Human Goals Classification

Goal of Security

Goal of Comforts

Goal of Infinity


Carried forward from your past many lives of birth & death cycles, and in your current life, you must admit that you had entertained / entertaining as of now varied Desires.

These Desires are based on the temperament of one of your 20 Inner Subtle Components, your Mind (Seat of your Emotions, Desires)

One Desire = A steady stream of thought flow seated and emanating from your MIND for a sustained period towards an Object or Being.

Fundamental Building Blocks of a DESIRE are THOUGHTS Once you make effort and acquire the desired Object or Being, those thought flow cease to exist. Absence of those thought flow, gives a sense of happiness in you.

A systematic approach to CAPTURING INFINITY, stems from analyzing HUMAN GOALS.

Entire range of human goals shall be classified and analyzed under a 3 plus 1 format! namely Goal of Survival / Goal of Security, Goal of Comforts and Luxury, Goal of attaining Invisible form of Wealth (casually termed as Luck / Fortune / Lottery).

And the Fourth and Final Goal of “Capturing INFINITY” is an Universal Goal of all Human Beings whether they are aware or not aware, all Human Beings unknowingly seeking only the INFINITE in their Pursuits of Goals mentioned above.



Human Goals

Human Goals 01
Human Goals 02
Human Goals 03
Logic Infinity 01
Logic Infinity 02

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