HOME Bartending: Make Exquisite Cocktails for Your Guests

Learn 40+ Cocktail Recipes and Organize The Most Memorable Social Gatherings

What you’ll learn

  • What to Buy to Make Your Bar Operational
  • How to Make Classical Long Drinks
  • How to Prepare Over 10 Dashing Tropical Cocktails
  • How to Offer Your Guests The Most Delightful Classy Cocktails
  • How to Make the Most Awesome Shots Out There
  • How to Prepare Delicious Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
  • How to Make Your Evenings with Friends Simply Unforgettable


  • A little money in your pockets to invest in your bar gear and drinks collection


Make your meetings with your friends meaningful and take charge of your own social life. Sure, bars may be closed, but your new HOME Bar will soon be open for business. With the help of this course you will learn:

  • What to buy to make your bar functional
  • How to make classic long drinks
  • How to prepare dashing tropical cocktails
  • How to offer delightful, classy cocktails
  • How to make the most awesome shots out there
  • And how to make your evenings with friends simply unforgettable

I am Alex Glod and I will be your instructor for this course on HOME Bartending.

My regular job is in training and online teaching on Storytelling, Drawing and Skills of the Future, but I moonlight as a connector and host for my tribes of friends. Thanks to my 3 years and a half working as a bartender during University and my 9 years of practice of facilitating learning experiences, I have made my guests leave amazed, dazzled, and happy and have the time of their lives at my gatherings. And that is something I want you to do as well.

By following along the course, trying out all the recipes and organizing special theme nights with your friends, the quality of your social life and relationships will improve drastically.

Your guests will feel delighted, stimulated, and excited. Your relationships will reach new levels of meaning and intimacy. Who knows? It might even lead you to meeting that special someone as you welcome more people to your HOME Bar. But more than anything, you will rejoice to have a vibrant social life, to be the life of the party once again and live moments of intense flavor and emotion.

So yeah, enroll in the course now and let’s set you on a new life journey, a journey that will transform in one of the most sophisticated hosts and gatherers your friends will ever meet.

Join in now and let’s begin!

Who this course is for:

  • Cocktail Aficionados That Want To Impress Their Friends
  • Gatherers and Connecters That Want To Bring People Together
  • People Who Want To Spend Less Money on Going Out and More On Quality Time with Friends

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