Generative AI: Transforming Text to Stunning Animated Videos

Learn how to generate stunning animation videos from text using Kaiber AI, Artflow AI, and Genmo AI

What you will learn

Learn how to generate videos using Kaiber AI, Genmo AI, and Artflow AI

Learn how to genrate AI videos from text and images

Learn how to use chatGPT to generate content ideas, outlines, and scripts

Learn how to use Google Trend and Social Blade to validate content ideas


Welcome to Generative AI: Transforming Text To Stunning Animated Videos course. This is basically an extensive project based course where you will be fully guided step by step on how to create stunning and innovative animated videos just like what you have seen in the beginning of this video. In this course, you will learn step by step on how to generate interactive, high quality, and fully animated video from just a text using several AI technologies like Genmo AI, Artflow AI, and Kaiber AI. So basically, you are going to input either text or image then those AI will be able to transform your input to be videos based on whatever your given inputs. Therefore, in this course, you will get to experience how far AI technology has advanced nowadays and learn extensively how to turn your creative imagination into reality or even you might be surprised knowing how far AI technology can add more value to your work. In the introduction session, you will learn all fundamental things that you need to know about text to video AI generator, understanding how it works, and its use cases, then continued by learning how to write effective prompt in order to make sure the AI that we are working with clearly understands what we want and what we expect. Other than writing effective prompts, you will also learn how to utilize ChatGPT to generate you some brilliant ideas for the content video, then conduct research using Social Blade and Google Trend to identify high demand content for your targeted audience. Then, this course also comes with projects where you will be guided step by step on how to generate a variety of cool videos from text and images while exploring all features available. Lastly, especially those people who are content creators or want to be a content creator in the future, the course will be ended with full detailed comparison analysis to give you insights which social media platform you should post your video content on, we will be mainly focusing on Youtube Shorts and Tiktok since the nature of video that we will make is short form content instead of long video, hence, Youtube Shorts and Tiktok are the best social media platforms to be on.

First of all, before getting into the course, we need to ask ourselves why we should learn to use AI to generate video from text? What would be the benefit for us? Well, I donโ€™t know about you, but for content creators and AI enthusiasts like myself, there are tons of benefits that I get from learning these valuable skills and knowledge. From the general perspective, text to video AI generators are definitely a powerful tool that I can take advantage of to deliver more value to my content which can potentially increase my audience satisfaction. Meanwhile, from the technical perspective, it saves a lot of time and energy that needs to be spent for the video editing process. Last but not least, AI can also give you some unexpected surprises and produce ideas that have never been thought of before.

Below are things that you will be learning in this course:

  • Learn how to generate video using Kaiber AI
  • Learn how to generate video using Artflow AI
  • Learn how to generate video using Genmo AI
  • Learn how to use text to video AI generator
  • Learn how to use image to video AI generator
  • Learn how to write effective prompts
  • Learn how to find content ideas with ChatGPT
  • Learn how to use Google Trends to see the latest trending topics for your content
  • Learn how to use Social Blade to do analysis on your competitors
  • Comparison analysis: Youtube Shorts vs Tiktok



Introduction to the Course
Highlight of the Course
Whom This Course is Intended for?

AI Tools & Resources

AI Tools & Resources

Introduction to Text to Video AI

Introduction to Text to Video AI
Writing Effective Prompt
Examples of Videos Created Using AI

Content Ideas Research

Finding Content Ideas with ChatGPT
Using Social Blade & Google Trend

Genmo AI

Signing Up on Genmo AI & Exploring Its Features
Text to Video with Genmo AI
Image to Video with Genmo AI
Videos Generated Using Genmo AI

Artflow AI

Signing Up on Artflow AI & Exploring Its Features
Creating Video with Hero Story Feature
Text to Image with Artflow AI
Text to Video with Artflow AI

Kaiber AI

Signing Up on Kaiber AI & Exploring its Features
Text to Video with Kaiber AI
Image to Video with Kaiber AI
Videos Generated Using Kaiber AI
Project โ€“ Robot Transformation
Robot Transformation Video

Comparison: Youtube Shorts vs Tiktok

Youtube Shorts vs Tiktok

Kaiber AI

Conclusion & Summary

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