Flutter Store App GraphQl,Bloc, Freezed & Clean Architecture

Learn Flutter Bloc Store Full App From Scratch , GraphQl Apis,

What you will learn

Flutter Advanced GraphQl Api And Clean Architecture

Freezed , Bloc Pattern , Dio And Retrofit

Firebase Notifications , Local Notification , Cloud Firestore and Stream

Hive , Env , and Dynamic Link & Share


Flutter Store app, Learn how can make a full app using Bloc Pattern State Management, and how can use GraphQl  API, with clean Architecture,

Build a strong App in Flutter and Dart.

  • Clean Architecture
  • Bloc Pattern
  • Graphql Api
  • Rest APi
  • Get IT Injection
  • Dio & Retrofit
  • Github
  • Firebase Notifications
  • Local Notification
  • Cloud Firestore
  • Stream
  • Dynamic Link & Share
  • Hive
  • Env
  • Animation
  • Pagination
  • Dark Mode
  • Localization Change Language
  • Response Ui
  • WebView
  • Native Splash Screen

A Powerful State Management

Bloc Pattern  is an extra-light and powerful solution for Flutter. It combines high-performance state management, Clean Code

This app covers Flutter for very beginners to advanced learners. We start from very simple ui like drawing text to complex layout.


We also built reusable widget to reduce code amount. So at the end of this tutorial you learn how to build simple to complex reusable flutter widgets. Eventually we will master Firebase Notifications,

Content and Overview

Suitable for anyone has basic Flutter and Dart, through this course of and 31 hours of content, you will learn how to make full app with Bloc Pattern, Freezed, you will make many screens,

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to make the flutter app faster using Bloc And Freezed Flutter
  • People who want to make scalable apps using  Bloc And Freezed  Flutter



Create & Setup Project

Create a new project
Github – create a new repository
Firebase – Android setup
Firebase – Ios setup

Core Setup

Core packages
Singleton design pattern
Environment variables dev or production
Device Orientation
Connectivity network
App Icon Android and Ios
Native Splash
Responsive Screenutil
Font Family Arabic and English
Routes and Navigator
Theme Dark and Light
Localizations Setup
Unfocus TextFormFiled


Clean Architecture
Lang, Colors, and Assets Files
Custom Widgest
Login Design Ui
Login TextFormField
Sign up Design UI
Freezed , Flutter Bloc and Shared Preference
Theme Mode Logic & Cubit
9-Language Change Logic
Fix Font Family

GraphQl And Services

What is GraphQl?
Dio and Retrofit Service


Login Models
Login DataSource & Repo
User Role DataSOurce & Repo
Login Bloc Pattern
Add Login Logic In UI

Sign Up

Image Picker Ios & Android
Upload Image Datasource
Upload Image Cubit
User Avatar Add Logic
SignUp DataSource , Model and Repo
Sign Up Bloc Pattern
Sign Up Add Bloc And Logic
Fix Sign Up

Drawer Admin

Animation Drawer

Dashboard Admin

Dashboard Design Ui
DashBoard Models
DashBoard DataSource & Repo
DashBoard Bloc Pattern
DashBoard Add Logic in Ui
DashBoard Fix Loading

Categories Admin

Get all categories Design Ui Admin
Create Category Design Ui
Update Category Design Ui
Get All Categories Admin DataSource & repo
Get All Categories Admin Bloc
Get All Categories Admin Logic
Create Category DataSource & Repo
Create Category Logic
Delete Category DataSource & Repo & Bloc
Delete Category Logic
Update Category DataSource & Repo & Bloc
Update Category Logic

Products Admin

Get All Products Design Ui Admin
Update Product Design Ui
Create Product Design Ui
Get All Products Admin DataSource & Repo
Get All Products Admin Bloc
Get All Products Admin Logic
Fix Get All Product Model
Create Product DataSource & Repo & Bloc
Create Product Upload Image List
Create Product Logic
Delete Product DataSource & Repo & Bloc
Delete Product Logic
Update Product DataSource & Repo & Bloc
Update Product Upload Images
Update Product Logic

Users Admin

Users Design Ui
Get All Users DataSource & Repo
Get All Users Bloc & Logic
Search For Users Bloc & Logic
Delete User Bloc & Logic

Setup Send Notification

Notification OverView
Test Send Notification Token
Send Notification With Api
Topics Notification
Notification Permission 1
Notification Permission 2

Notification Admin

Create Notification Design Ui
Get All Notifications Design Ui
Edit Notification Design Ui
Hive OverView & Model
Hive Setup
Create Notification Bloc & Logic
Get All Notification Bloc & logic
Fix Get All Notification
Edit Notification Logic
Delete Notification Bloc & Logic
Send Notification DataSource & Repo & Bloc
Send Notification Logic

Main Screen

App Bar
Bottom Navigation Bar Icon
Bottom Navigation Cubit & Logic

Profile Screen

User Profile Info Design Ui
User Info DataSource & Bloc & Logic
Fix App Bar Main Screen
Status Code 400 Handler
Status Code 401 Handler
Language Settings
Dark Mode Settings
Build Developer Settings
Notifications Settings
Build Version Settings
Logout Settings

Home Screen

Scroll Up Button Animate
Banners Slider Design Ui
Banners DataSource & Repo
Banners Bloc & Logic
Categories Design Ui
Categories DataSource & Bloc & Logic
Products Design Ui
Products DataSOurce & Bloc & Logic
Products View All Button

Product Details

Product Details App Bar
Custom Paint & Add To Cart Button
Product Details Design Ui
Product Details Datasource& model & Repo
Product Details Bloc
Product Details Logic

Category Screen

Category How to Send Record Data
Category DataSource & Repo
Category Bloc & Logic

Pagination Products View All

Products View All Datasource & Repo
Products View All Bloc Pagination
Products View All Logic

Search Screen

Search Design Ui 1
Search Design Ui 2
Search Datasource & repo
Search Bloc & Logic
Test Search and Fix Logic

Favourite Screen

Favourite Model & Hive Setup
Favourite Cubit
Favourite Logic 1
Favourite Logic 2

Dynamic Link Share

Firebase Dynamic Link Setup
Dynamic Link Code
Share Cubit
Share Logic

Local Notifications

Local Notifications Android Setup
Local Notification Ios Setup
Local Notification Code
Test Local Notification Android & Ios
Test Payload Navigator Send Data
Firebase Messaging Navigator 1
Firebase Messaging Navigator 2
Fix Main Local Notification

Notifications DataBase

Notifications DataBase OverView
Notification Nav Bar Icon Ui
Notification Screen Ui
Add Users id in Firebase DataBase
Notification Model
Add Notifications To All Users In Firebase
Stream Notifications Controller
Notifications Icon Logic
Notifications Screen Logic

Source Code

Source Code

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