Eye exercises: 7 quick exercises to improve your vision

Quick and easy-to-do exercises which can be done anywhere and anytime with zero investment.

What you will learn

A medical explanation of the eye problems by understanding the anatomical structures of an eye and their physiological importance in a simplified manner.

Quick and easy-to-do exercises which can be done anywhere and anytime with zero investment.

You will need a daily 10 minutes only to perform these exercises.

Strengthening of the eye-muscles.

How to improve vision.


Increased use of digital screens has caused a significant rise in eye-related problems, especially Computer Vision Syndrome. Additionally, present days lifestyles also negatively impact the health of the eyes. So here in this course, we will talk about the common diseases of the eye most people suffer from, the possible causes behind the diseases by understanding the anatomical and physiological concepts, and the exercises that can help people. The complexities will be discussed in a very simplified yet detailed manner. We will discuss the 7 effective exercises that have medically derived rationales.

Are there any requirements for doing this course?

No! This course does not need any prior knowledge or experience.

What age groups will these exercises be the most useful?

These exercises are suitable for all the age groups, like children, adults, or old.

Who should do this course?

This course can be done by anyone-

  • who is interested in taking care of his/her health
  • who is suffering from eye problems like eye ache,Β  blurry vision, headache etc.
  • who spends a lot of time on digital screens like mobile phones, computers, television etc.
  • who does intricate work or who works in excessively bright or low-light conditions
  • who can invest 10 minutes a day for his/her eyes
  • who has an interest in yoga and meditation.




Signs and symptoms

What causes eye strain

Simplifying the Anatomical and physiological complexities of an eye

Why do the eye problems occur? Physiological explanation!
Relevant anatomy and it’s importance
Eye-brain connection

Eye exercises

Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Exercise 6
Exercise 7
20-20-20 Rule

Tips and Tricks

Tips to keep your eyes healthy



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