Event Management in 3D Virtual Worlds (2022 Grand Edition)

MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing: Term 3.4 course that focusses on creating events in 3D Virtual Worlds

What you will learn

Be able to understand and navigate through virtual 3D worlds in 2021

Know about virtual 3D world meetings that happen frequently in Altspace VR

Be able to use AltspaceVR and other 3d portals to create 3D immersive events.

Know about hologram telepresence technologies which are futuristic for team meetings.


Welcome to the fourth course in Term 3 as part of the series “MBA in Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing”.

“Virtual and augmented reality techniques are changing the way that organizers, sponsors, and vendors engage with attendees at various events.”

Virtual 3D worlds are becoming a lot popular nowadays. With portals like SecondLife, AltspaceVR, Sansar, you can host events with unlimited attendees in totally 3D immersive environments. This mind-blowing course focuses on “Event Management in 3D Virtual Worlds” created by Digital Marketing Legend “Srinidhi Ranganathan” is a game-changer when it comes to creating virtual events in 3D environments.

You can simply learn to customise your space from a wide selection of environments and be the host you’ve always wanted to be. You can learn amazing technologies in this course on organising Virtual events. Virtual reality events are conducted in three dimensional completely computer-generated environments. You can even make use of virtual worlds on a PC. Even, users can wear a Virtual Reality headset and get compatible gloves or handsets to be able to effectively interact with this world in 3D avatars.

This course will teach you even how immersive meetings like telepresence is actually possible. This incredible technology is just for you to know that hologram meetings that are futuristic are still possible to happen in today’s world.

You will need to install AltVR compulsorily to know and make use of this tech for you to conduct 3D virtual meetings in different immersive environments or what we call – “Virtual worlds.

Enrol now and let the excitement begin this New Year.



Altspace VR: Fundamentals
How to install Altspace VR: Kickstarting your 3D virtual journey
Navigating through the virtual space
Navigating through the portals.
Creating 3D virtual events in AltVR.
Bonus: A look into other VR virtual reality portals
Bonus: More VR virtual reality portals.
Telepresence: (Holograms meetings)
Special Video: State-of-the-art virtual reality portals
Special Video: Creating animated movies in VR
Bonus Lecture: Take your prize

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