Entrepreneurship Essentials: Idea to Thriving Business Fast!

Entrepreneurship: Go from idea to making money and running a successful dream business in the shortest possible time!.

What you will learn

The confidence to take your idea to the market place

Ability to chose a profitable niche

Manage the feeling of being overwhelmed and lost

Develop a business plan that works!

Know how to test your ideas before launching

Shake off the fear of failure

Know how to stay on the path way to success

Discover why people fail and learn the success pathway

Understand and be able to develop your own business model

Opportunity to ask me personal business questions

Understand how to launch your business/product idea in a profitable manner

You will be able to apply the “Lean Startup” Methodology

Life Time Access!


Updated – August

“Wonderful Course. In one word awesome course, All the concept are clearly explain.. I will recommend this course to my friends” – Girish (Student)

Excellent course. It draw my attention to important new practices. Thank you – Sobhi (Student)

“Start-up: How to Go from Idea to Thriving Business!” is probably one of the most comprehensive courses covering how you can take your idea from nothing to become a profitable business. The course will cover all you need to know about:

  1. Idea validation
  2. Market testing of the idea
  3. Creating the right structure around your idea
  4. Understanding market fit

Plus many other lectures that help fine-tune your idea for success.

So what are you waiting for? Click Take This Course and remember it included my Personal 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

With over 5 hours of content spread into 40 bite size lectures you will learn what you need to know to prepare you for your entrepreneurial journey. You will also gain the necessary insights on:

  • How ideas can be developed,
  • How businesses work and
  • How opportunities are created

so that; after you have completed the course, you will have the breadth of knowledge to be able to take your idea to the market place and turn it into a business

Note: This course is regularly updated with new lectures, and other relevant information

So what are you waiting for Click Take This Course and remember it included my Personal 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain!



The Essentials

WELCOME! You Will Be Amazed To Realize That You Can Start & Run Your Business!
An Important Announcement
Introduction To The Course
Course PDF
Here To Help!

Entrepreneurship & Understanding The True Nature of Ideas

Origin of Ideas
How To Profit From Your Ideas
Idea Killers – Watch Out For Them!
Nature of Ideas
What To Do With Ideas
I Need Your Help!

Entrepreneurship and The Way Business Works

The Business Life Cycle
How To Go From Idea Phase To Launch Phase

Entrepreneurship and Lean Startup Methodology – The MVP

The Minimum Viable Product
Ash Maurya’s Example of an M.V.P.
Boomy Tokan’s Example of an M.V.P.
What Is An M.V.P.

Entrepreneurship Involves: Stop, Think & Jump!

Converting Your Hobby To A Business Idea
Exploiting An Opportunity
Engaging Partners For My Idea
Quick Test To Discover If My Idea Is Viable
I Need Your Help!
Deep Testing To Discover If My Idea Is Viable
“Will This Idea Make Money?”
Making Sure My Idea Will Make The Income I Need
Will I Need A Partner For My New Idea
How To Stay Focused On Your Idea
Critical Considerations When Starting A Business

Entrepreneurship Process: The Business Model & The Business Plan

Creating Your Business Model

Entrepreneurship Actualised: Business Model Examples


Entrepreneurship Journey & The Application of – Property Business Model

How I Developed Clients and Products
Choosing What and What I Need To Do
How I Determined My Income

Entrepreneurship and Building A Business Plan

Introduction – Why You Need It
The Five Parts of A Business Plan – Marketing Plan
Operations Plan
Financial Plan
Executive Summary
What Is The Most Important Part Of Your Business Plan

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Wrap Up

Bonus Lecture!

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