Engineering Drawing / Graphics : Hands-on Training

Course is for Engineering/polytechnic students of all branches. Students from 12th science can also enroll.

What you will learn

Students will be able to draw isometric view (3D) of a given orthographic projections using the drawing instruments

Students will be able to draw 2D views and its sectional views of a given three-dimensional objects.

Students will be able to construct the various engineering curves using the drawing instruments

Students will be able to know the concept of solids resting in the first quadrant.

Students will be able to draw development of lateral surfaces for cut section of geometrical solids.


Students will be able to draw after instructors steps. As instructor has drawn with actual instruments of drawing learner will not get any difficulty to draw.  Instructor will give learner step by step approach to draw various topics from engineering drawing/graphics. This course is for first year all branches engineering students, first year all branches polytechnic/diploma students and for 12th science students.




Introduction of course

Overview of course

Isometric view

01 Isometric view

02 Isometric view

03 Isometric view

04 Isometric view

05 Isometric view

06 Isometric View

07 Isometric View

08 Isometric View

09 isometric View

10 Isometric View


11 Isometric view

12 Isometric view

13 Isometric view

Isometric view

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