Easy Drawing Course for Kids: Exploring Shapes, Alphabets

Basic Drawings

What you will learn

In this course, We explained about various basic shapes and how to draw with them. Children can easily draw by drawing those shapes.

In every step we given some time for pause the video, so children see the video, pause and then they will draw. In this process they aren’t feel hard to draw.

According to our chapters, we explained how to draw with alphabets, numbers and shapes. kids will easily draw with those.

What we do special in this course is, in every drawing we provided spelling of that drawing. It improves vocabulary too. This improves spelling too.

We provided practice materials, those will helpful for free hand drawing


Unlock your child’s creativity and artistic potential with our engaging and fun-filled drawing course designed specifically for kids! In this course, children will embark on a magical journey as they learn how to draw captivating elements like the moon, sun, basic shapes, and even create masterpieces using alphabets and numbers.

Throughout the course, our experienced instructor will guide young artists step-by-step, teaching essential drawing techniques, fostering imagination, and encouraging self-expression. Each lesson is carefully crafted to ensure a balance between skill development and enjoyment, creating a positive and inspiring learning environment.

Course Highlights:

Discover the wonders of the celestial world by mastering the art of drawing the moon and sun.

Explore the fundamental building blocks of art through engaging lessons on basic shapes.


Ignite imagination by incorporating alphabets into drawings, transforming letters into adorable animals and more.

Develop numerical skills and artistic prowess by using numbers to create charming and imaginative artworks.

Engage in exciting warm-up activities, practice exercises, and interactive challenges to reinforce learning.

Celebrate your child’s artistic achievements with a culminating art showcase, where their creations will be proudly displayed.

Join us on this enchanting artistic adventure, where your child will not only enhance their drawing skills but also cultivate a lifelong love for creativity. Enroll your budding artist in our Magical Drawing Adventures for Kids course today and watch their imagination soar!

Basic Lines and Shapes

Basic Shapes

Drawing Through The Alphabets




Section 5: Fruits

Bunch of Bananas

Food and Vegitables

Ice Cream
Birthday Cake

General Drawing


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