Art Therapy and YOUR Sex Life

Improving your sex life by doing art therapy exercises

What you will learn

The factors affecting your sex life

A variety of art therapy exercises to reduce negative factors affecting your sex life

Why particular art therapy exercises work

Sex life can be improved at any age!



If there are low enrolments on this course this means that:

1. This is a very new course

2. I have NOT given away thousands of free coupons to create an impression that huge numbers of students have enrolled

3. Also the majority of those with free coupons never look at any lectures and certainly do not participate in the Q/A!

Now, read on about the course.

Improving your sex life often involves communication, understanding, and exploration of both physical and emotional intimacy Art therapy can potentially improve various aspects of your life, including emotional well-being, self-understanding, stress management, and interpersonal relationships.

Five areas are identified where art therapy exercises are likely to be of benefit.

They are:


1. Improved Communication

2. Reduced Stress and Anxiety

3. Increased Self-understanding

4. Enhanced Body Image

5. Trauma Processing

An art therapy exercise specifically for each area is discussed (and included in the course resources) together with reasons why THIS exercise has benefit.

There is also brief discussion on a number of other factors affecting your sex life and steps that can be taken to reduce any negative impact.

This is a practical course. Exercises  are detailed, explanations discussed -and then (it is hoped) you will do the exercise and report back – not about your sex life (!) but how useful the exercise was for you in the five areas above.

The courser is just over an hour long – short enough to complete within a week – assuming you a) do the exercises and b) note down your thoughts during and after carrying out the activities. You may with to share this course with your partner – you could BOTH do the art therapy exercise and then discuss your thoughts afterwards.



December workbook

Art Therapy at Christmas
A Christmas Poem

The areas

Five areas

The exercises

Dialogue with dual portraits
Mandala drawing
Body Mapping
Safety symbols
Short and simple


Sonnet – writing
Some sonnets



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