Developing Professional Project Plans through MS Project

Learn to Generate Professional Project Plan through MS Project – beginning to completion

What you will learn

MS Project software understanding (Dashboard , Views, Ribbon etc..)

Setting Calendar ( customized timing , resources timing, leaves/off days)

Scheduling Modes (Auto Vs Manual)

Entering Task (Making summary tasks, indentation, setting durations..)

Predecessors ( 4 types discussion with example..)

Entering Resources (Resources type, their rates, utilization…)

Resource assignment (Auto and customized, Leveling..)

Costing ( entering auto and fixed costing)

Baseline Plan Vs Actual (Overview of baseline with examples)

Formal Formatting ( Time scale, Best Look! Highly Formal View)

Logo Insertion…

Multiple views overview


The goal of this course is to learn how to generating a Professional Project plan through MS Project. It has been defined in 8 videos from very beginning to completion.

We have run through 1 complete project plan in course through these videos and at the end you will be Master on generating Professional Project Plans on MS Project. It will cover Tasks Management, Resources Management, Cost Management and Integrating between various views and much more.


This course will enable you to manage your projects through BASELINE PLAN Vs ACTUAL where breaking down your project tasks into subtasks and keeping realistic timelines in mind, you can see issues early on before they become major issues. you will be able to track your activities Plan Vs Actual. And with its ability to track, change, and report on just about every key metric, you’ll always have the information you need at your fingertips to keep your end users up to date. This will be very handy for companies to get desired results.

Formatting is very necessary in any presentation, and projects have their OWN LANGUAGE to tell! and we will learn that how to make your project more FORMAL, PROFESSIONAL and BEAUTIFUL!

Introduction and Task Management

Dashboard Overview, Setting Calendrer , Entering Tasks
Creating Summary task , Right-Left Indentation
Predecessors detail & Timescale

Resource & Cost Management

Resource types , Resource Sheet and Costing
Recourse Assignment & Leveling

Plan Vs Actual

6. Setting Baseline Vs Actual Table
7. Performing Actual against Baseline

Professional Formatting, Overview of Multiple Views and Reporting

8. Formatting and Views Overview

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