Computer Basics, Fundamentals With Windows 11

Basic Hardware,Software,Privacy, Security, Backup Guide And Troubleshooting Tips To Use A Computer Running On Windows 10

What you will learn

Acquire Basic Understanding Of The Computer

Personalized Support

Designed To Give Most Information In A Short Time

Designed In An Organized Manner

Learn To Use Windows 10 Built-in Antivirus

Basic Hardware Information,Settings In Windows To Make Your Computer Secure

Learn About Online Computer Backup

Designed For People Of All Levels And Ages

Get Lifetime Course Access

New Materials Are Added And Receive Continuous Update With Time

Troubleshooting Guide

Guideline For Professional Free Software and Future Learning


Get most updated course to learn about computer basic 2021. In any type of job, whether it is technical or non technical, basic knowledge of computer is important. You’ll learn the most necessary things that is essential if you have a computer.


We all start somewhere. I know you are a new computer user. This course is designed for absolute beginners. This course is short because most people can’t finish long courses . Don’t worry, this course has 1.5 hours of content which is equivalent to the courses with 5/6 hours contents. I have talked less and used simple short terms so that you can learn more and digest it easily.  As we all have 24 hours in day , the person who can learn in the shortest time , is the winner.

Lets keep it simple and meaningful.

You’ll learn Basic Hardware,Software,Privacy, Security, Backup Guide And Troubleshooting Tips To Use A Computer Running On Windows 10.

Why to choose this course over other course:

  1. The only course on market which is made with most updated materials and skipped the old information that don’t work today.

  2. New course materials are continually added over time.

  3. Accurate subtitle for better understanding

  4. Only important topics are included

  5. No unnecessary talking.We believe the more you learn in the shortest time , the more you get benefited.

  6. Students can request to learn any topic by filling google form

  7. Basic hardware specs explained

  8. Additional reading for in-depth understanding of every topic

  9. Uninstalling softwares,setting up password and pins

  10. Complete Windows 10 shortcut keys

  11. Drive encryption for bullet-proof data theft protection

  12. Advanced task is taught , like permanently deleted file recovery.

  13. Offline And Online Backup.

  14. A way to avoid paid antivirus software

  15. Active Question Answer section, get answer for your every question

  16. A bonus guide to learn anything free as well as a list of powerful free softwares .None will tell you about them.

Sounds exciting? Don’t miss it .Enroll now.




Course overview

Windows 10 Complete Setup Guide Using Usb Device

Basic hardware

Basic Computer Introduction And Setup
Everything You Should Know About Motherboard
Everything You Need to Know About Cpu
Get Clear Idea of Computer Mouse And Their Features
Various Keyboards And Their Features
Some Useful Ports
Know Your And Other Monitors That Available On Market
Know About Storage
Lets See If You Can Use Knwoledge For Yourself
Important Notice For This Section

Basic Windows Settings To Secure Your Computer And Protect Your Privacy

Close The Front Door
Connect With Internet Through Wifi
Update Your Windows And Install Necessary Drivers
Secure Your Privacy
Set/Change Date and Time
Useful Computer Key Shortcuts
Important Notice For This Section

Solution For Any Slow Computer

Recommendation 1
Recommendation 2 (Necessary Only If You Can’t Afford Recommendation 1)
Important Notice For This Section

Backup and Security

Learn to Securely Backup Your Files(Offline Local Backup)
Learn to Securely Backup Your Files(Online Cloud Backup)
Upload Unlimited Photos To Private Cloud Storge
Setup And Use Antivirus Software To Keep Your Computer Safe From Virus
Important Notice For This Section

Data Recovery-Restore Any File That You Have Deleted

Simple One Click Data Recovery System
Important Notice For This Section

Bonus Section-Useful free softwares and learning guide

UseFul Softwares And Learning Guide For Any Desired Skill

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