Complete Course in Adobe Photoshop CC

A Masterclass

What you will learn

Graphic Design, Photo Manipulation and Retouching, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Album, Magazine Cover, and Business Card Design.


Adobe Photoshop CC is a photo, image, and design editing software built for professional designers, photographers, and artists. … It also provides professional photography tools which help create and enhance pictures, transforming them into amazing works of art. Photoshop CC is an advanced imaging software used by video editors and photographers to alter or manipulate digital images. Photoshop is primarily used to edit 2D images, although it does offer some 3D image editing functionality.

This course contains almost every detail of photoshop explained in a very effective and practical manner. The theory portion is supported by practice examples that give you a hands on experience and hold on software. It introduces you the interface and tools of Photoshop CC. Also, it takes you through the Graphic Designing Concepts, Photo Manipulation and Retouching, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Magazine Cover and Business Card design, and so on.


Salient Features of this Course:

  1. A comprehensive course consisting of video lectures that are organized in a pedagogical sequence.
  2. Detailed explanation of all Photoshop commands and tools.
  3. Step-by-step instructions to guide the users through the learning process.
  4. Quiz to help the users assess their knowledge.
  5. Practice Tests

User Interface
Adobe photoshop Tools
Lasso Tool and Polygon Lasso Tool
Layers Panel
Move Tool
Pen Tool
Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand Tool
Zoom Tool
Adjustment Layer Tool
Camera Raw Filter
Layer Mask
Patch Tool
Spot Healing and Healing Brush
Shape Tool
Pixelate Filter
“Rectangular and Elipitical Marquee Tool”
Gradient Tool
Content Aware Tool
Art Board Tool
Eraser Tools
Dodge and burn tool
Perspective Warp Tool
Puppet Warp Tool
Smudge Tool
Sponge Tool
Blur and Sharpen Tool
Frame Tool
Clone Stamp and Pattern Stamp Tool
Blur Gallery
Type Tool
Filter Gallery
3D Filter
Crop and Perspective Crop Tool
Eye Dropper and Colour Sampler Tool
Hand Tool and Rotate View Tool
Slice and Slice Selection Tool
Ruler Tool
Count Tool and Note Tool
Magnetic Lasso Tool
Raster Smart Objects
Red Eye Tool
“History Brush Tool and Art History Brush Tool”
Stylize Filters
Photo Manipulation
3D Text Manipulation
Letter Portrait
Blending 2 images – 1 composition
Book Manipulation
Burning Rose Effect
Cartoon Effect
Circular Effect
Cloud Face
Cracked Head Effect
Double Exposure
Galaxy Effect
Geometric Shape Effect
Glitch Effect
Glow in the dark effect
Letter Portrait
Mirror Effect
Mountains inside a bottle
Neon Glow Effect
Oil Painting Effect
Paint Dripping Effect
Portrait Brush Effect
Realistic Cracked Skin Effect
Removing Objects in Photoshop
Slime Doodle Effect
Smoke Dispersion Effect
Snow Effect
Text Masking Effect
Torn Photo Effect
Water Colour Effect
Basket Weave Effect
Brick Wall Portrait
Water Dispersion Effect
Vertical Panel Effect
Ink Smudge Effect
Parallax video
Underwater Photo Manipulation
Body Paint Effect
Melting Stretch Effect
Re-Touching Photos
Bokeh Effect
Busy Streets Editing
Cinematic Colour Effect
Colourising a black and white photo
Details in the eye
Fake Window Reflection
Fantasy Blue Mood
Gritty HDR Effect
How to blur the background
Matte Split Toning
Outdoor Portrait Editing
Professional Colour Correction
Removing blemishes, acne or wrinkles
Removing dark circles
Skin Re-Touching
Turn anything into gold!
“Turning white tshirt into different colours”
Dark Faded Photo
VHS Glitch Effect
Vintage Lighting Effect
Enhancing Dull Image
3D Bend Text
3D Text with Long Shadows
80s style text effect
Carved text effect
Colourful Text Effect
Diamond Text Effect
Double Stroke Effect
Fur Effect on Texts
Glossy Text Effect
How to wrap texts around a circle
Interlaced/Interweaved Text Effect
Leafy Text Effect
Text Dispersion Effect
Melting Text Effect
Rainbow Distortion Effect
Powder Blast Typography
Drop Shadow Typography
Paint Splash Typography
Transparency Text Effect
Cut Typography
3D Gradation Typography
Poster and Invitation Designs
Introduction to poster design
Birthday Card Invitation
Summer Music Festival Poster
Dance Poster
Double Exposure Movie Poster
Night Party Flyer
Vintage Bauhaus Poster
Music Festival Flyer
Minimal Colourful Poster
Minimal Movie Poster
Mixtape Cover Art Design
Holi Poster
Tips on Poster Design
Restaurant Flyer
Minimal Poster Design
Wedding Card Invitation
Logo Design
Carved Wood Logo
Text Logo Design
Paper Cut Alphabet Logo
Simple Round Logo
Smoke Logo
Inital Logo
Minimal Letter Logo
Flat Shadow Logo
Geometric Shape Logo
Golden Text Logo
Galaxy Face Logo
Photography Logo
Intersecting Circle Logo
Trendy Minimal Logo
Restaurant Logo
Golden Paper Folded Logo
Negative Space Letter Logo
3D Logo
Custom Letter Logo
Monochrome Letter Logo
Portrait Logo
Planet Logo
Dual Colour Logo
Overlapping Logo
Album Covers and Business Cards
Minimal album cover design
Neon album cover design
Monochrome album design
Vintage album design
Retro Wave album design
Gradient Fluid album design
Glitch Album Cover
Dark Themed Album Cover
Smoke Effect Album Cover
Double Exposure Album Cover
Dual Colour Business Card
Professional Business Card
Paint Splash Business Card
Minimal Business Card Design
Pink Moon Futuristic Album Cover
Fantasy Album Cover
Tips for business card design
Sunset Album Cover
Wallpaper Design
Colourful Hexagon Wallpaper
Abstract Wallpaper
Liquid Paint Marble Effect
Abstract Hexagon Wallpaper
Brush Effect Wallpaper
Low Poly Wallpaper Design
Nothern Lights Wallpaper
Wave Effect Wallpaper
Abstract Triangle Wallpaper
Polyscape Wallpaper
Product Advertising
Strawberry Juice Ad
Tea Tree Oil
Coffee Advertisement
Food Advertisement
Shoe Advertisement
Moisturizer Bottle Advertisement
Coconut Water Advertisement
Ponds Powder Advertisement
BoroPlus Ice Powder Advertisement
Shampoo Advertisement
Perfume Advertisement
Wrist Watch Advertisement
What is a mockup?
Business Card Mockup
Wallpaper Mockup
Typography Mockup
Photo frame Mockup
Album Cover Mockup
Hoodie Mockup
Sphere Mockup
Book Mockup
Mug Mockup
Social Media
Instagram Story
Social Media Template
Yoga Promotional Post
Spa Promotional Post
Fashion Sale Post – Instagram
Trendy Instagram Post
Christmas Post
Summer Season Sale
Simple Post
Glowing Red Post for Instagram
Furniture Sale Post
Healthy food promotional post
Magazine Cover Design
Basic Magazine Cover
Customized Magazine Cover
Text Effect Magazine Cover
Elle Magazine Cover
Colourful Magazine Cover
Geometric patterns and pattern design
Simple Pattern
Water Colour Pattern
Honeycomb Pattern
Metal Pattern
Snow Flake Pattern
Practice test 1

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