Complete Blender Course For Beginners 2022 In Hindi / Urdu

Learn how to use blender and how to use blender 3D advanced features in HINDI/URDU

What you will learn

Understand How to Use Blender 3D

Understand The Absolute Basics of Blender

Understand how to Use blender Functions

Learn how to use blender modifiers

How to use blender interface and learn the shortcuts of every function of blender


In this course you will learn how to use blender. If you are a beginner and don’t know anything about blender 3D and want to know and learn blender for your game development project or for your animated movies you can learn everything from this course. This course will provide you advanced level of blender experience. You will learn blender advanced features as well as also learn how to model 3D objects. You will do a develop few 3D objects as well. Are you allowed to long how to interact with blender 3D interface and how to use it efficiently. In this course every shortcut key has been taught to the student so that they can know how to do their work fast every feature has a short key in blender and every short key has been taught in this course. Blender is nowadays is a very popular engine for 3D modeling and 3D character development. With blender you can make assets for different games and also sell those assets to everyone which you want blender 3D are very useful in general when it’s come to 3D molding and sculpting. In this course you will learn everything about blender you will learn how to assign material to your character how to color your character and how to make cuts to reflect objects you will also learn the edit mode of the blender.





Learn Basics

Download Blender
Blender Interface
Move Tool
Rotate Tool and Buttons Settings
Scale Tool
Transform Tool, Measurement Tool , Add Cube Tool

Edit Mode

Edit Mode and Extrude Faces
Inset Faces
Loop Cuts
Bevel Tool And Knife Tool
Poly Build Tool
Spin Tool

Practical Section

Make Round Table
Square Table
Make A Chair

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