COMPLETE 2D Game Development in Unity with Coding EXPLAINED.

In this course , I’ll be teaching the basics of setting up a 2D Platfomer Game in UNITY along with Coding Explanation.

What you will learn

Master beginner C# concepts, like variables, “if” statements, and arrays

Defines the FULL concept of building up a 2D Platformer Game in Unity.

Create Players with Basic Movement Controls and Combo Attack Systems.

Create enemies with basic AI behavior like following the player and shooting fireballs.

Create UI elements like Health Bars,Power Up Bars etc

Collect and destroy game objects

Implement various particle systems to enhance the game feel.

Short (<2 hours) and “To the point” teaching technique with suitable necessary examples.

Notes and Assets Required to cross check everything taught in this series.


This tutorial is an amalgamation of -> “How to create a game in Unity” along with ->”Introduction to C# Coding required for Game Development” , all explained thoroughly within a 2 HOURS !

Some Key-Points of this course are:-

-> This course is a UNIVERSALLY UNDERSTANDABLE collection of videos , that will familiarise you with the COMPLETE PROCEDURE  of making a game in Unity IRRESPECTIVE of whether you have a coding or development related background OR NOT.

-> It covers FUNDAMENTAL UNITY CONCEPTS like “What are Assets?” “What are GameObjects ?” “What are Components ? ” and many more. Moreover ,it also provides knowledge about the basic CODING concepts like “What are Variables and How to use them?” “What are Functions?” and so on. Thus , the course is an excellent combination of the TWO MAIN aspects connected to making a game of your own.

This collection also contains CODING NOTES AND THE REQUIRED ASSETS which you can download at the last which will further increase your knowledge and can help you cross check every concept that is explained in the videos.

Short ,informative ,helpful and concept building are some of the other key-ingredients of this course that make it stand out from the others available.

Hence this course is like THE ULTIMATE DESTINATION for gaining all the necessary knowledge that is required for 2D game development.



Introduction And Setting Up .

Downloading And Installation
Setting Up Unity Editor


Setting Up Player
Player Movement
Ground And Background Elements
Player Jump
Player Animations


Setting Up Enemy
Enemy AI Movement

Player Combo Attack Mechanics

Player Combo Attack System
Player Attack Damage

Enemy AI Attack Mechanics

Enemy Fireball Attack System
Fireball Attack Damage

UI Elements And Effects

Characters Hurt And Death
Characters Explosion Effect
Characters Health Bars

Thank You

Thank You

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